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gaza 8 members of same family killed by Israel
Gaza conflict: 8 members of the same family were killed at home by an Israeli airstrike

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gaza 8 members of same family killed by IsraelGaza mourns 8 members of same family killed in Israel air strike – 594 Comments

Comment by Fauzia45: What else is there in a war except mourners, death of innocent civilians, homeless people, cripples!! War does not settle anything!! Blunders have been committed and more will be committed!!!

Iranian official blames Maliki and Assad for ISIS creation – 522 Comments

Comment by Nagy Michael: Finally a man who is telling the truth that many have suspected and the others ignored as silly notions that it was not true. not it could not be true. they forgot that Iran had many Al Qaada leadership before and during the planning of 9/11. It was Syria’s Assad who open the doors for them to flood Iraq to battle American soldiers and even commit suicide against Shiites places of worship. Iran didn’t mind because it wanted Maliki and whatever leadership of Iraq to be weak so it falls back to Iran. again after the american left, Iran instead of supporting the Iraqi Army to bolster its strength against ISIS. It chose Iraqi Militias because the latter will be its own puppets. Assad for a long time didn’t touch ISIS while he was barrel bombing FSA and Syrian children.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan speaks to supporters during his visit in CologneMuslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas, says Turkish president – 467 Comments

Comment by 5th Drawer: And the Vikings beat the Muslims. And there was another group 200 years prior to them. So?? What is Erdogan trying to ‘prove’? AND Who gives a flying …. ?

Hezbollah celebrates fall of Yabrud – 448 Comments

Comment by Anti-ISIS: To all you haters, stick this in your pipe and smoke it. May Allah protect the Hezb and all its followers and may Allah protect all the innocent civilians that are caught up in this mess.

Obama, IranRouhani on CNN : This is what we mean by death to America – 436 Comments

Comment by 5th Drawer: Ok, then … so, now, after 40-odd years … NOT Death to Americans, but Only to American Policy. Understandable, for sure. Now … about the ‘democracy’ decisions …

‘Topless’ Picture of Lebanese Olympic skier sparks flap – 420 Comments

Comment by Samaritan: an investigation into the photos to ensure “the protection of Lebanon’s reputation.” exactly What reputation are they talking about? any investigations going on for unsolved murders instead of a snow bunny?

hezbollah fighters in syriaSyrian army, Hezbollah take town near Damascus from rebels – 412 Comments

Comment by Sweetvirgo: I hope they kill all those rebels

Iran threatens to turn Saudi Arabia into hell – 410 Comments

Comment by MekensehParty: Yesterday they threatened Pakistan and today Saudi Arabia… Probably a new shipment of cocaine just made it through.

Attack on Lebanese restaurant rattles Kabul expat community – 376 Comments

Comment by 5th Drawer: Adding to the Taliban Dictionary:
Wine = Booze
Accountant = high-ranking foreigner… = invader
Teacher = Female Educator = invader

1983 beirut bombing by hezbollah IranU.S. court rules for Beirut bombing victims in Iran/Hezbollah terror case – 369 Comments

Comment by 5th Drawer: Everyone REMEMBER how lovely Beirut was before Hariri?? 😉 Nice Picture. 1983.
Nastyrallah almost got it back to that in 2006 … but didn’t work hard enough at it. ;-))
Assad and his gangs are trying hard at emulation, of course, in Syria.
Maybe even did a bit of ‘one-upmanship’ by now.

UN Human Rights Chief: Israeli Violations Possibly ‘War Crimes’ – 351 Comments

Comment by The Real Lebanese: Israel is the only country in the world thats never allowed to win. Why can other countries kill their own people but Israel cant launch rockets at Palestinian launch sites (that happen to be in civilian areas, so who’s fault is it)?

Reply by AkhouManUki: Seriously dude, I think you blew your own cover on this – you should be forced to change your name to “The real Israeli”

M75 rocket hamasHamas fires M75 rocket at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport – 342 Comments

Comment by Maborlz Ez-Hari: In reality, Hamas is providing the isrealis with justifications to the crimes they are committing. Dont get offended when people knock Hamas. Its hamas’ responsibility to ensure its people are safe, attacking the rabid dog with now where to run is sheer lunacy, and trusting Hamas after what they have inflicted on their own people is equally as abhorrent as trusting the rabid dog which is isreal. Get this simple fact into your simple skull you flea brain.

Islamic State kills over 150 captured Syrian troops – 342 Comments

Comment by Samaritan: Animals is too good of a name for the faceless cowards, I rehab abandoned and injured animals and they always payback with affection and acts of kindness that the undesirables are not capable of, here is a photo of 2 of my animals, they are not scared to how their faces.

hezbollah flag  assadHezbollah Is NOT “Resistance” – 341 Comments

Comment by Andre: WOW, some people are drunk on the HA resistance Kool-Aid! A resistance fights all foreign occupying forces, including the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. HA is NOT a Lebanese resistance, it is an Iranian and Syrian tool that was marketed as such – and people bought it! This group is only concerned with its militia interests and not Lebanon’s. It serves its masters in Iran and Syria, Lebanon is merely a stage for HA. It was a joke then, when HA declared victory after getting pummeled by Israel in 2006 (and destroyed Lebanon), and they are still a joke today – to hide behind the “resistance” brand.

US Muslims accuse some officials of stoking fear – 319 Comments

Comment by Sweetvirgo: While I understand these terrorist groups don’t speak for all Muslims, I believe muslims should speak out more. I know some clerics and other muslim politicians have spoken out and are outraged against these thugs but where are the protests?? There should be more and more muslims speaking out against what is happening. Delcare that these terrorists groups don’t define what a true muslim really is.

assad has the support of syrian  cartoonAssad regime committed war crimes, Photos – 319 Comments

Comment by Reasonableman: Members of Iran’s feared Basij militia forcibly marry female virgin prisoners the night before scheduled executions, raping their new “wives” and making it religiously acceptable to execute them, a self-professed member of the paramilitary group said.The anonymous militiaman told the Jerusalem Post that at age 18 he was “given the ‘honor’ to temporarily marry young girls before they were sentenced to death.”In the Islamic Republic of Iran it is illegal to execute a woman if she is a virgin, the former guard told the newspaper. So the government arranges “wedding” ceremonies to be conducted the night before executions, and prisoners are forced to have sexual intercourse with a guard.Raped by her new “husband,” a female prisoner is now fit to be put to death.

Islamic State beheads second Lebanese soldier – 309 Comments

Comment by Arzatna: what goes around comes around. Their time is coming (hopefully) soon.

hariri assassination sceneIn trial of Hariri killers, a rare hope for justice in Lebanon – 307 Comments

Comment by Beiruti: 2014 is starting to be a very good year, Hezbollah soldiers dying in Syria, FSA defeating Al-Queda, Ariel Sharon dead after wasting the hospitals electricity for 8 years, and now this bastard Nasrallah will live to see the end of his preposterous organization

Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon dead at 85 after 8 years in coma – 272 Comments

Comment by Prophet: He will be remembered for all the crimes He committed,and especially for Sabra and Shatila. This is the image people will have of him. A picture of how He looked like dead. He redefined war crimes and terrorism.

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