Hamas fires M75 rocket at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport

M75 rocket hamas

M75 rocket hamasThe Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian resistance faction Hamas, fired an M 75 rocket at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Sunday

In a statement, Qassam said that its fighters had fired an M75 rocket at the airport, located some 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv.

Hamas has been calling on international airline carriers to halt all flights to the airport to avoid being struck by incoming rockets.

Since the end of   2012, Hamas has been busy rebuilding its arsenal. Because importing weapons has become more difficult for Hamas,. The organization  has begun manufacturing rockets inside of the Gaza Strip. The M-75, which can reach as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is manufactured by Hamas 

M75 rocket range
Hamas poster on the M 75 rocket