Lebanon PM and Palestinian delegation reject Trump’s deal of the Century

PM Saad Hariri received on Saturday  at the Center House Fatah Movement Central Committee member and general supervisor of the Lebanese arena Azzam al-Ahmad, accompanied by the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Dabbour, Fatah Movement Central Committee member Samir Rifai and the Secretary of Fatah and Palestinian Liberation Organization factions in Lebanon Fathi Abou al-Ardat, in the […]

Tourism: Lebanon increasingly more active in the Airbnb community

  by Perla Kantarjian BEIRUT: Airbnb, An online platform that has been offering lodging and tourism services all over the world since 2008, is progressively becoming a preferred option for citizens and tourists in Lebanon.   The story of this exciting online marketplace, which has grown into a $35 billion business, started out as a simple […]

How Lebanon will dodge its looming debt crisis

Simon Constable, Contributor   The economic outlook for Lebanon is not nearly as bad as some would have you believe. And that presents an opportunity for investors to buy Lebanese government bonds at a potentially massive discount. Yes, on the face of it, Lebanon’s current situation seems dire, especially when you consider the following: Around one-in-four of the […]

Zakka calls his Iranian prison where he was physically, morally and mentally tortured” ugliest place”

Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka who was   kidnapping by the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard and  imprisoned  on charges of spying for the United States told Lebanese TV channel MTV after he arrived in Beirut  following his release from jail : “In the beginning, I was subjected to all kinds of torture. In the second phase the torture was […]

Free at last: Nizar Zakka arrived in Beirut nearly 4 years after he was invited and detained by Iran

Iran has released a Lebanese businessman imprisoned on charges of spying for the United States. Nizar Zakka, who is a US permanent resident, arrived in Beirut on a plane with the head of Lebanon’s General Security directorate, Abbas Ibrahim. The information technology expert was arrested while visiting Tehran in 2015 and was subsequently sentenced to […]

Iran finally frees detained Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka

by Kareem Chehayeb Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanese citizen and permanent United States resident Nizar Zakka, who was imprisoned for years in Iran, has been freed and is on his way back to his native Lebanon, officials have confirmed. Zakka is set to return to Beirut on Tuesday, alongside Lebanon’s General Security Chief Abbas Ibrahim, who accompanied the […]

Lebanese Defense Minister calls for demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian borders

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab urged Saturday the need to find a solution to the demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian borders, local media reported. “We need to draw borders with Syria which would facilitate the deployment of the Lebanese army in these areas and the control of illegal borders between the two countries,” Bou Saab was […]

Lebanon today: Saturday , June 9, 2019 Top news

Here are the top stories for Lebanon today: After monkeying around in Israel  ‘Tachtouch’ returns to Lebanon via UN A Lebanese monkey that breached the border with Israel was returned to its owner Friday by United Nations peacekeepers after cavorting for more than a week in enemy territory. Its owner, a French nun who describes herself […]

Lebanon today: Thursday , June 6, 2019 Top news

Here are the top stories for Lebanon today: Germany’s parliament to debate proposal to ban Lebanon’s Hezbollah Germany’s parliament (Bundestag) is to debate on Thursday a proposal to ban the activities of Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the country. The proposal was introduced by the right-wing Alternative for Germany AfD party, which accuses the pro-allied Iranian militia […]