Islamic State beheads second Lebanese soldier


Abbas Medlej beheaded  2nd lebanese soldierThe mother of a Lebanese soldier held captive by the militant Islamic State group said photographs posted online Saturday purporting to show his beheading appeared to be real.

Zeinab Noun said her 20-year-old son, Abbas Medlej, was “sacrificed” after supporters of the militant Sunni group posted images appearing to show a captured Lebanese soldier before and after he was beheaded.

“My son was sacrificed,” said Noun, clutching a passport-sized photo of her son, a handsome, smooth-faced young man.

Medlej’s maternal uncle, Abu Ali Noun, also said the photographs appeared to be of his nephew. A spokesman for Lebanon’s military said it was still investigating the incident.

Medlej would be the second captive Lebanese soldier killed by the Islamic State group, underscoring the grave challenges that face the ill-equipped Lebanese military as it fends off an unprecedented jihadi threat from Syria-based militants.

About two dozen more members of the country’s security forces remain held captive by the militants. They were seized in August when several Syrian rebel factions, including the Islamic State group and al-Qaida linked Nusra Front, overran the Lebanese border town of Arsal, killing and kidnapping soldiers and policemen in the most serious spillover yet of the neighboring civil war.

Lebanese captive soldier Abbas Medlej is being shown by Islamic State militants prior to the beheading
Lebanese captive soldier Abbas Medlej is being shown by Islamic State militants prior to the beheading. This image was shared by users on Twitter claiming to show the 20-year-old’s beheading

The Syrian civil war has inflamed sectarian tensions between Lebanon’s Sunnis and Shiites — with Sunnis generally backing the rebel groups and Shiites supporting the government of President Bashar Assad. The Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah has actively fought on the Syrian government side.

Local media had reported that negotiations were underway, with the militants demanding cash and the release of Islamists being held in Lebanese detention. A statement posted by supporters of the Islamic State said Medlej was killed after he tried to escape.

Medlej hailed from a large Shiite clan from the eastern Lebanese city of Baalbak.

His mother vowed revenge on rival Sunnis.

“We have to take our revenge from those apostates,” she said.

The captured soldiers and police are from Lebanon’s many religious sects: the first soldier beheaded by the group, Ali Sayid, was a Sunni Muslim. The militants are also holding Christian soldiers and other Sunni Muslims.

Families of the captive soldiers have blocked highways and held demonstrations to pressure the Lebanese government to push harder for the release of the men. There are also fears for the safety of the more than 1 million Syrian refugees who are now in Lebanon as rage grows over the beheadings.

Medlej’s uncle vowed that “every Syrian in Lebanon is a target” after hearing of his nephew’s death.

The Islamic State group has drawn global attention particularly since June, when it swept through northern and western Iraq from its stronghold in neighboring Syria.

They reached Lebanon in August when they overran Arsal, and operate just across the border in the nearby hills of Syria.

On Saturday, Lebanon’s state-run news agency reported heavy fighting in the barren hills between Arsal and the border with Syria. It came hours after militants on a motorbike opened fire on Lebanese soldiers patrolling in a vehicle in the nearby town of Qaa. The soldiers killed one of the attackers, state media reported.

The Islamic State group follows an ultra-conservative, violent interpretation of Islam and is accused by rights groups and the United Nations of committing war crimes, including the mass killings of soldiers, Shiite Muslims and followers of the ancient Yazidi faith in Iraq. It has also beheaded two U.S. freelance journalists who were captured in Syria, Steven Sotloff and James Foley.

A video of Sotloff’s killing was posted on online jihadi networks on Tuesday. On Saturday, the United Nations Security Council issued a press statement condemning his murder.

“This crime is, yet again, a tragic reminder of the increasing dangers journalists face every day in Syria. It also once again demonstrates the brutality of ISIL, which is responsible for thousands of abuses against the Syrian and Iraqi people,” the statement said. ISIL is another name used by the Islamic State group.

Last week, the U.N.’s top human rights body approved a request by Iraq to open an investigation into suspected crimes committed by the Islamic State group against civilians in its country. Its aim would be to provide the Human Rights Council with evidence on atrocities committed in Iraq, which could be used as part of any international war crimes prosecution.




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          52. There is a little of God in everyone of us… It is called a ruu7… We go back to Him. So it is not entirely untrue that you cannot pray to a departed but you may not worship them. Is it time for a new religion?

          53. Here are some interesting facts about the lovely semi-sect of the Infallibles “Alevis”
            ‘Alawi doctrines date from the ninth century A.D. and derive from the Twelver or Imami branch of Shi’i Islam (the sect that predominates in Iran). In about A.D. 859, one Ibn Nusayr declared himself the bab (“gateway to truth”), a key figure in Shi’i theology. On the basis of this authority, Ibn Nusayr proclaimed a host of new doctrines which, to make a long story short, make ‘Alawism into a separate religion. According to Ibn Kathir (d. 1372), where Muslims proclaim their faith with the phrase “There is no deity but God and Muhammad is His prophet,” ‘Alawis assert “There is no deity but ‘Ali, no veil but Muhammad, and no bab but Salman.” ‘Alawis reject Islam’s main tenets; by almost any standard they must be considered non-Muslims.

            Some ‘Alawi doctrines appear to derive from Phoenician paganism, Mazdakism and Manicheanism. But by far the greatest affinity is with Christianity. ‘Alawi religious ceremonies involve bread and wine; indeed, wine drinking has a sacred role in ‘Alawism, for it represents God. The religion holds ‘Ali, the fourth caliph, to be the (Jesus-like) incarnation of divinity. It has a holy trinity, consisting of Muhammad, ‘Ali, and Salman al-Farisi, a freed slave of Muhammad’s. ‘Alawis celebrate many Christian festivals, including Christmas, New Year’s, Epiphany, Easter, Pentecost, and Palm Sunday. They honor many Christian saints: St. Catherine, St. Barbara, St. George, St. John the Baptist, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Mary Magdalene. The Arabic equivalents of such Christian personal names as Gabriel, John, Matthew, Catherine, and Helen, are in common use. And ‘Alawis tend to show more friendliness to Christians than to Muslims.

            For these reasons, many observers – missionaries especially – have suspected the ‘Alawis of a secret Christian proclivity. Even T. E. Lawrence described them as “those disciples of a cult of fertility, sheer pagan, antiforeign, distrustful of Islam, drawn at moments to Christianity by common persecution.” The Jesuit scholar Henri Lammens unequivocally concluded from his research that “the Nusayris were Christians” and their practices combine Christian with Shi’i elements.

            The specifics of the ‘Alawi faith are hidden not just from outsiders but even from the majority of the ‘Alawis themselves. In contrast to Islam, which is premised on direct relations between God and the individual believer, ‘Alawism permits only males born of two ‘Alawi parents to learn the religious doctrines. When deemed trustworthy, these are initiated into some of the rites at 16-20 years of age ; other mysteries are revealed later and only gradually. Religious secrecy is strictly maintained, on pain of death and being incarnated into a vile animal. Whether the latter threat is made good, mortals cannot judge; but the first certainly is. Thus, the most renowned apostate from ‘Alawism, Sulayman Efendi al-Adhani, was assassinated for divulging the sect’s mysteries. Even more impressive, at a time of sectarian tension in the mid-1960s, the suggestion that the ‘Alawi officers who ran the country publish the secret books of their religion caused Salah Jadid to respond with horror, saying that, were this done, the religious leaders “would crush us.”

            Women do most of the hard labor ; they are prized “precisely because of the work they do that men will not do except grudgingly, finding it incompatible with their dignity.” Women are never inducted into the mysteries (“Would you have us teach them whom we use, our holy faith?”); indeed, their uncleanliness requires their exclusion from all religious rituals. Females are thought to retain the pagan cult of worshipping trees, meadows, and hills, and to have no souls. In all, females are treated abominably; but one consequence of this disrespect is that they need not be veiled and enjoy greater freedom of movement than Muslim women.

          54. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Read all that a while ago …. and it means nothing to anyone who isn’t interested in ‘why’ there are so many weird ‘sects’ running around killing each other ALL the time. Better to just lump them all into one category (for instance, ‘semi-dessert dwellers’ – or ‘Middle-Eastern-MedPeople’), and save the theoretical niceties for anyone who would care to try and make friends with them. They don’t let anyone into the sect anyway.

          55. True, they keep it a secret even from their own followers.
            That’s why even a simple Alevi won’t be able to answer basic questions about his/her beliefs as it was kept hidden from him/her.
            No wonder why the Infallibles call them ladeen even though they support Asshead for political gains and due to their utmost hatred for Sunnis!!!
            Thus its not surprising to see the Infallibles and Zionists nexus!!!

          56. Unveiled women and several other ‘Alawi practices – in particular, that wine drinking is permitted, and that some ceremonies take place at night – long excited Muslim suspicions about ‘Alawi behavior. Then too, the obsessive secrecy inherent to the religion suggested to many Sunnis that the ‘Alawis had something to hide. But what? Over the centuries, the Sunnis’ imaginations supplied a highly evocative answer: sexual abandon and perversion.

            Thus, the theologian al-Ash’ari (874-936) held that ‘Alawism encourages male sodomy and incestuous marriages and the founder of the Druze religious doctrine, Hamza ibn ‘Ali (d. 1021), wrote that ‘Alawis consider “the male member entering the female nature to be the emblem of their spiritual doctrine.” Accordingly, ‘Alawi men freely share their wives with co-religionists. These and other accusations survived undiminished through the centuries and even circulated among Europeans. A British traveler of the early 1840s, who was probably repeating local rumors, wrote that “the institution of marriage is unknown. When a young man grows up he buys his wife.” Even ‘Alawis believed in the “conjugal communism” of their religious leaders. Such calumnies remain a mainstay of the anti-‘Alawi propaganda circulating in Syria today.

            Although the charges are false, ‘Alawis do reject Islam’s sacred law, the Shari’a, and therefore indulge in all manner of activities that Islamic doctrine strictly forbids. ‘Alawis ignore Islamic sanitary practices, dietary restrictions, sexual mores, and religious rituals. Likewise, they pay little attention to the fasting, almsgiving, and pilgrimage ceremonies of Islam ; indeed, they consider the pilgrimage to Mecca a form of idol worship. “Spiritual marriages” between young (male) initiates and their religious mentors probably lie at the root of the charges of homosexuality.

            Most striking of all, ‘Alawis have no prayers or places of worship ; indeed they have no religious structures other than tomb shrines. Prayers take place in private houses, usually those of religious leaders. The fourteenth-century traveler Ibn Battuta described how they responded to a government decree ordering the construction of mosques: “Every village built a mosque far from the houses, which the villagers neither enter nor maintain. They often shelter cattle and asses in it. Often a stranger arrives and goes to the mosque to recite the [Islamic] call to prayer; then they yell to him, ‘Stop braying, your fodder is coming.’” Five centuries later another attempt was made to build mosques for the ‘Alawis, this time by the Ottoman authorities; despite official pressure, these were deserted, abandoned even by the religious functionaries, and once again used as barns.

            Beyond specific divergences, non-conformity to the Shari’a means that ‘Alawi life follows its own rhythms, fundamentally unlike those of Muslims. ‘Alawis do not act like Sunni Muslims, with only slight differences; rather, they resemble Christians and Jews in pursuing a wholly distinct way of life. Matti Moosa notes that, “like the other extremist Shiites… the Nusayris had total disregard for Muslim religious duties.” Ignaz Goldziher put it succinctly: “This religion is Islam only in appearance.” It is important to make this point very clear: ‘Alawis have never been Muslims and are not now.

            Yet, as Ibn Battuta’s account suggests, there is a permanent inconsistency in the ‘Alawi wish to be seen as Muslim. In his case, it was mosques built and then neglected; at other times it is some other half-hearted adoption of Islamic ways. ‘Alawis have a long history of claiming Islam when this suits their needs and ignoring it at other times. In short, like other sects of Shi’i origins, ‘Alawis practice taqiya (religious dissimulation). This might mean, for example, praying side-by-side with Sunni Muslims but silently cursing the Sunni caliphs. The apostate ‘Alawi, Sulayman Efendi al-Adhani, recounted having been sworn to dissimulate about his religion’s mysteries. An ‘Alawi saying explains the sentiment behind taqiya: “We are the body and other sects are but clothing. However a man dresses does not change him. So we remain always Nusayris, even though we externally adopt the practices of our neighbors. Whoever does not dissimulate is a fool, for no intelligent person goes naked in the market.” Another ‘Alawi phrase expresses this sentiment succinctly: “Dissimulation is our righteous war!” (al-kitman jihadna).

            A British traveler observed in 1697 that the ‘Alawis are

            of a strange and singular character. For ’tis their principle to adhere to no certain religion; but camelion-like, they put on the colour of religion, whatever it be, which is reflected upon them from the persons with whom they happen to converse…. No body was ever able to discover what shape or standard their consciences are really of. All that is certain concerning them is, that they make much and good wine, and are great drinkers.

            A hundred and fifty years later, Benjamin Disraeli described the ‘Alawis in a conversation in the novel Tancred:

            “Are they Moslemin?””It is very easy to say what they are not, and that is about the extent of any knowledge we have of them; they are not Moslemin, they are not Christian, they are not Druzes, and they are not Jews, and certainly they are not Guebres [Zoroastrians].”

            Sulayman Efendi al-Adhani explained this flexibility from within:

            They take on the outward practices of all sects. If they meet [Sunni] Muslims, they swear to them and say, “We are like you, we fast and we pray.” But they fast improperly. If they enter a mosque with Muslims, they do not recite any of the prayers; instead, they lower and raise their bodies like the Muslims, while cursing Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, and other [major figures of the Sunni tradition].

            Taqiya permitted ‘Alawis to blow with the wind. When France ruled, they portrayed themselves as lost Christians. When Pan-Arabism was in favor, they became fervent Arabs. Over 10,000 ‘Alawis living in Damascus pretended to be Sunnis in the years before Asad came to power, only revealing their true identities when this became politically useful. During Asad’s presidency, concerted efforts were made to portray the ‘Alawis as Twelver Shi’is.

            Sunni heresiographers excoriated Alawi beliefs and viewed the Alawis as disbelievers (kuffar) and idolaters (mushrikun). Twelver Shi’i heresiographers were only slightly less vituperative and regarded the Alawis as ghulat, “those who exceed” all bounds in their deification of Ali. The Alawis, in turn, held Twelver Shi’is to be muqassira, “those who fall short” of fathoming Ali’s divinity.

          57. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (lots of wine in those chats … hmmm)

          58. They are an extreme splinter group from the Imaamiyyah, Ithna Ashariyyah sect of the Shia and they appeared in the third-century hijrah, named after Muhammad bin Nusayr al-Numayree. They claim Allaah indwelled in Ali (radiallaahu anhu), they also believe in the transmigration of souls (tanaasukh al-arwaah) and also believe in secret esoteric interpretations of the Qur’an. The entire set of beliefs they hold are an amalgamation of idol-worship, Magian paganism, and Jewish and Christian doctrines. They conceal their doctrines from those outside of their circles, and historically have killed those who dared to leak their secrets.

            Speak of the lawfulness of al-khamr (alcohol, intoxicants).
            The transmigration of souls (tanaasukh al-arwaah).
            The eternity of the universe.
            Rejection of the resurrection (al-ba’th, al-nushoor).
            [Rejection of] Paradise and Hellfire besides what is in the life of this world.
            That the five prayers are simply an expression of five names which are Ali, Hasan, Husayn, Muhsin and Faatimah and the mere mention of these five names – in their view – comprises the fulfilment of ghusl from ritual impurity and likewise wudhoo and likewise the rest of the conditions and obligations of the prayers
            That al-siyaam (fasting) is merely an expression of the names of thirty men and thirty women which are enumerated in their books…
            That their deity who created the heavens and earth is Ali bin Abi Taalib (radiallaahu anhu), for he is the Imaam in the heaven and the Imaam on the earth, and thus it was from wisdom that what is divine (laahoot) unite with what is human (naasoot) [divinity manifests in humanity] so that he can be familiar and cordial with his creation and his servants, to teach them how they should know him and worship him.
            That a Nusayree does not become a Nusayree until they sit with him, make him drink alcohol, reveal their secrets to him and grant him free license to their women, until the stage where his designated teacher (from amongst them) addresses him. And the reality of this welcoming address is they make him swear to conceal his religion, his Shaykhs and the seniors of his madhhab, and that he should not give advice to any Muslim or other than him, unless he is from his own (Nusayree) doctrine.
            That he should know his lord (i.e. Ali) through the manifestion of his lights and his various roles (in humanity), and thus he knows the the name (al-ism) (that which is outer) and the meaning (al-ma’naa) (that which is the real and true essence, power) in every era and time and what it changes to.
            The name at the very beginning of mankind was Adam and the meaning was Abel. The Nuh was the name and Seth was the meaning. And then the name was Ya’qub and the meaning was Yusuf. And they produce evidence for this from what they find in the Qur’an. And then the name was Moosaa and the meaning was Yooshua, and they claim the sun obeyed Yooshua when he commanded it, indicating he is lord. Then Sulayman was the name and Aasaf (a Jinn) was the meaning, and they say Sulayman was unable to bring the throne of Bilqees but Aasaf was able to, and this is because Sulayman was only the form (soorah) but Aasaf was the meaning, the able and powerful. In this manner they treat each of the Prophets one by one up until the time of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).
            And so they say Muhammad was the name and Ali was the meaning and this is how they arrange this matter in all times up until this day of ours.
            And the reality of the speech about the religion to them is htat Ali is the Lord (Rabb), Muhammad is the Veil (Hijaab) and Salmaan (al-Farsee) is the Door (Baab), and of their heads and noble ones said in poetic verse in the year 700H: I testify that there is no deity save Haydarah al-Anza’ al-Bateen (meaning Alee). And no hijaab (veil) save Muhammad al-Saadiq al-Ameen. And no path except (through) Salmaan, Dhul-Quwwat al-Mateen.
            [After these three] they have the five “unmatched” ones and then the twelve “principles” and the names of all of these are well known to them and are in the vile books, and they never cease to manifest (themselves) alongside this lord (Ali), this veil (Muhammad alayhis salaam) and this door (Salman al-Farsee).
            That the Iblees of all Ibleeses is Abu Bakr (radiallaahu anhu) and then after him in rank of Ibleesiyyah is Umar (radiallaahu anhu), then Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) – may Allaah ennoble them and raise their ranks far above the sayings of the heretics. So according to them them, they (the Ibleeses) never cease to exist according to the order that has been mentioned.

          59. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Lol, you are so far of it is hilarious you believe this shit. Keep exposing us. Lol

          60. Lol…you my dear alawi, hilarious part bet others could agree on, far from it may be not. Is there a need when you, your Infallibles, Isis, hezbusatan, asshead, iran, etc. are doing such a marvelous job in getting exposed left and right???:)))

          61. What they mean by “the name” and “the meaning” is that Allah appears in threes (a trinity) in every age and era, and Ali bin Abi Talib (who is given divine status), Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and Salman al-Farsee are the manifestation of this in the latter ages, and they represent the meaning (the hidden), the name (the manifest) and the gate (the route, doorway) respectively. For all previous six cycles (Adam, Noah, Jacob, Moses, Solomon Jesus) the name and the meaning is known but not the doorway. Also when they drink wine, they believe they are drinking of the divine which subsists in the wine. They have seven pillars, the normal five pillars, which are only treated as outward symbols that represent names which upon mere repetition constitute fulfilment of the pillars. The other two pillars are Jihaad, and Walaayah, this latter one means allegiance to Ali and a struggle against all of his enemies. In addition to this, they believe in re-incarnation and have something of the astrology of the Zoroastrians. They also have their own scripture called Kitab al-Majmu’ which is kept secret, never published and only available through initiation and ascent through the heirarchy. Whilst the Nusayrees are an offshoot of the Twelver Imaamiyyah Shia, many of the Shia sects consider them disbelievers.

          62. There are two groups called Alawis: (a) Arab Alawis of Syria, Lebanon, and in Al-Iskandaron region of Turkey which used to be part of Syria. (b) Turkish Alawis (or Alewis) who live in Turkey.

            They are two separate groups, with totally different beliefs. The Alawis of Syria & Lebanon follow Ibn Nusayr and are also known to be Nusayria. Many of their beliefs are very blasphemous from Islamic perspective. Their beliefs are probably the farthest away from Islam , compared to other Shia groups.
            The following is a summary of their main beliefs:

            -Belief in reincarnation: unbelievers (Muslims, Christians, Jews) return as animals, whilst ‘Alawis are reincarnated in other ‘Alawis and eventually can reach the state of luminous stars. Faithful Alawis believe they must be transformed or reborn seven times before returning to take a place among the stars, where Ali is the prince. If blameworthy, they are sometimes reborn as Christians or Jews, among whom they remain until atonement is complete.

            – The eternal existence of the universe.

            – Denial of Resurrection , Hell, Paradise except in this world.

            – The five prayers are: Ali , Fatimah, Hassan, Hussain and Muhsin. Mentioning these names would suffice for abolution , purification from Janaba and the commandments of prayer

            – Fasting is the recitation of the names of thirty men , and thirty women mentioned in their books. The main ‘Alawi Holy Book is the “Kitab al-Majmu’” compiled by al-Khasibi and containing 16 Suras. Other sacred books are: Kitab al-Mashaykha (manual for Sheikhs), Kitab Majmu’ al-‘Ayad (Book of Feasts. This was translated into French in Beirut in the mid-ninteenth century by a Nusairi convert to Christianinty who was later assassinated by the community) and Kitab Ta’lim al-Diyana al-Nusayriyyah, the ‘Alawi chatechism

            – Ali Ibn Abi Talib is the manifestation of Allah. The ‘Alawi profession of faith states: “I testify that there is no God but ‘Ali ibn-Talib the one to be worshipped, no Veil but the Lord Muhammad worthy to be praised, and no Gate but the Lord Salman al-Farisi the object of love”. Which is summed up in the following poetry in Arabic:

            أشهد أن لا إله إلا == حيدرة الأنزع البطين
            و لا حجاب عليه إلا == محمد الصادق الأمين
            و لا طريق إليه إلا == سلمان ذو القوة المتين

            – One is not considered a Nusairi unless he vows not to expose the principles of his religion (Taqqiya) and he learns what are the names and meanings of the principle figures of his religion such as the name being Adam and the meaning being Sebit and the name being Yaqub and the meaning being Yusuf and try to infer this from the Quran. Yacub was noting but a name who could not surpass his position for he said: ” I will ask for you My Lord for forgiveness” , while Yusuf said: ” this day let no reproach be (cast) on you” and he did not depend on any other in this matter because he knew that he is the god who can do what he wants. Also Musa is the name and Yousha (Joshua) is the meaning for he managed to make the sun return back for him , and the sun would only to this to her Lord. And Ali is the meaning while Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the name he created from his own light.

            – Part of their Taqqiyya is to adopt the Muslim practices outwardly as explained by an Alawi:

            “We are accepted as Muslims because we have worked hard to be accepted. We have copied the Sunnis. Some Alawis cover their hair and wear hijab, either for personal reasons or when they marry Sunnis. We don’t eat ham, and even when we do, we don’t eat it in front of people. We fast – or we pretend to fast; out of respect for others, we don’t eat in front of them during Ramadan. We have built mosques in our major towns. Some Alawis go to Friday prayer and to the Hajj. My grandfather was a modern shaykh who encouraged everyone to pray at the mosque in Jable. The charitable foundation established and run by Jamil al-Asad (the brother of former President Hafiz al-Assad) finances hundreds of Alawis to go on Hajj, and the women working for the organization have to wear the hijab. Hafiz al-Asad prayed in Mosque and fasted. When his mother and son died, he prayed for them in Mosque. He built the Na`isa mosque in Qardaha, his home town, in the name of his mother. All these things are proof to Sunnis that we try hard to be part of Islam and like Sunnis. They accept it. We have succeeded.”

            – Wine is Halal and is consumed in their masses where wine and bread are consecrated and partaken of by the male initiates. The wine especially is considered to be the very essence of God (‘Ali), trans-substantiated by the mass and offered to the believer. It is called “The Servant Of Light” (‘Abd al-Nur). Vines are treated with great respect in ‘Alawi culture.

          63. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (Don’t eat that Cow, man. It could be your grandmother …)
            Also see:

          64. Lol…:)

          65. Anti ISIS Avatar

            I just became a vegetarian. :-))

          66. If I return as an animal can I choose? I’d like to be an Eagle. I love flying… 🙂

          67. Try dear Farq or Gnostic Christians or Early Church Fathers or Later Cathars or Army of Mary etc. sure someone will be able to answer that!:)))

          68. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Hannibal, I’ll have word to our holy men and what we can arrange. Lol

          69. While you’re at it please make sure I stay a male… 😛 lol

          70. The four Alawi confederations, each divided into tribes, are Kalbiyah, Khaiyatin, Haddadin, and Matawirah.
            There are three Alawi doctrines which cause them to be rejected by most Muslims as a valid form of Islam.
            The first is the belief in incarnation – the idea that God can be made flesh, for example in the case of Ali. Ali is believed to have created Muhammad, who in turn created Salman, an early Shi’ite saint. These three form a Trinity.
            Thus, Ali is the “Meaning”; Muhammad, whom Ali created of his own light, is the “Name”; and Salman is the “Gate.” Alawi catechesis is expressed in the formula: “I turn to the Gate; I bow before the Name; I adore the Meaning.” An Alawi prays in a manner patterned after the shahada: “I testify that there is no God but Ali,” which gives rise to the idea that they worship Ali as God.
            The second heretical belief for Muslims is the rejection of the Qur’an and all the traditional prayers which are associated with Sunni teachings. The five pillars of Islam are followed, but they are interpreted in a wholly allegorical sense to fit community tenets.
            The third heretical belief is in reincarnation – although oddly enough, women do not have souls and are not reincarnated. Because of this, none of the secrets of Alawi doctrines are taught to them. Every person reincarnates several times, and faithful Alawis believe they must undergo transformation seven times before they can return to take their place among the stars, where Ali is the prince. If not faithful enough, they are can be reborn as Christians, where they must remain until atonement is complete. Infidels, unfortunately, are reborn as animals.
            Although Sunni Muslims do not regard them as Muslims, Alawis consider themselves to be Muslims. The Syrian Constitution requires that the President of the Republic be a Muslim and there was doubt as to whether or not Hafiz al-Asad fulfilled that condition.
            Their prayer book, the source of religious instruction, is the Kitab al Majmu. Most tenets of their faith are secret, however, because the Alawis have refused to discuss them with outsiders. In fact, even most Alawis don’t know everything and only a select few are taught everything after a long process of initiation and discipleship.

          71. Many questionable and Un-Islamic Alawi beliefs are kept hidden even from their own followers.
            That’s why even a simple Alawi won’t be able to answer basic questions about his/her beliefs as it was kept hidden from him/her.
            No wonder why the Infallibles call them ladeen even though they support Asshead for political gains and due to their utmost hatred for Sunnis!!!
            Thus its not surprising to see the Infallibles and Zionists nexus!!!

          72. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Lol, Alevis and Alawites are two different religions. Lol Keep going, your on fire.

          73. Lol…to make it simple for you the typo was changed to your liking and level of understanding as you got confused by the spelling and mistook alawis with the Kurdish and turkish alevis, even though they may be different in their beliefs but they too believe in Ali (ra) in a lesser context, less divine, and Godly than your Syrian alawites. They both like many others are offshoot of shia cult anyways. If asshead was not a shia offshoot alawi but a Sunni would the Infallibles and its evil thugs would have sided and protected him or his barbaric rule!?
            BTW, just the spelling you came up with as an argument, rest seems in line or its far from truth…lol!!!:)))

          74. They are one up than the Infallibles when it comes to Taqiyah. Alevis won’t admit anything or say even though they know its true as Taqiyah is a very important part of their belief apart from other beliefs like Ali (ra) is an incarnation of God in flesh form, holy trinity consisting of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), ‘Ali’ (ra), and Salman al-Farisi, invoking and calling Ali’s name in their prayer, drinking wine, sharing of wives between co-religionists, marriages between males, reincarnation (only for men not for women as they are not considered pure enough), etc.

          75. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Taken straight from the Internet. Good researching. However very far from the truth.

          76. $89733098 Avatar


          77. Lol…no straight from your infallible Asshead and so called holy men. Everything for you is far from truth my dear alawi. Thanks BTW!!!:)))

          78. Lol…you need religious lessons…how is worshipping Ali (ra) going for you? Please ask honest shias what they say and think about alawites!:)))

          79. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (Oh, I got the wrong book … All these years I though it was Ali Baba.)

          80. Now it got proven that Infallibles DRink and EAt from toilet and feed visitors and guest that!:)))
            No wonder their learned ones are called AyaTOIlets!:)))

          81. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Go to the Beer Festival in Jounieh. 🙂

          82. Correction: najaf, Qom, and tel Aviv only!:)))

          83. When I pray I face the skies… Am I doing it right?

          84. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol I guess as long as your not facing farqed ups toilet then u should be fine.

          85. Your sense of humor is amazing!:)

          86. An ISIS militant asked Haifa Wehbe what she did with her lips and boobs…
            She told him: Takbiir!
            He started shouting: Allahu Akbar!

          87. So sad 🙁
            Nobody laughed at my joke…
            Too busy attacking each other I guess…
            I feel so alone 😛

          88. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I feel you, Hannibal … 😉

          89. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol that’s a good one

          90. Anti ISIS Avatar


          91. Aren’t those guys like dead? Ali, Abu Bakr etc…?
            The only one alive is Jesus as he was resurrected 😛 LOL

          92. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Don’t apologize it’s nothing..”treat me bad? pfffhhaha” can Idiot lower IQ losers treat me bad. Remember i told long ago “leish am bitrud aleiha” you didn’t listen. Geo asked me to talk to her, i was too respectful to say no..see who was right, the less goodhearted Me.

          93. Yeah Comtessa barabie had a good comment here and there like the one I liked. I did plot her good comments, most of the good comments come on Sundays which tells me she had gotten laid the night before. Let’s hope the dude or dudes bang her up every night….

          94. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Nice reply to the unreal Comtessa 😉

          95. $89733098 Avatar

            Sunday for u is Monday for me, so there goes ur childish theory out the door. Unlike my theory about u and 5th which is u two couldn’t bang up a girl even if ur miserable lives depended on it u impotent baboons.

          96. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

   what has this to do with you, Beast?

          97. $89733098 Avatar

            English plz daft mare and stop stealing.

          98. LOL
            Behave guys…

          99. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Bitchy, isn’t she? :-)))

          100. Ok OK you get laid on Sundays. Now tells us do like side B action?

          101. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Narcissist.. take brabraying mirror

          102. Hind Abyad Avatar

            With silly comments like that, nobody is going to believe that it’s me. Move along thief.

          103. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (the fake one)

          104. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Is that so? I’ve used ‘comtessa’ for 4 years and chose it because ‘contessa’ was already taken. This piece of work stole my ID. What is the first time you had ever seen a post from her, more or less than 4 years ago?
            Yeah, I thought so. You’re disgusting to blame the victim in favor of the thief.

          105. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (used it to aggravate her, no doubt)

          106. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Yes, I am sure she did copy my name to aggravate me and to give some for of legitimacy to her bizarre comments.

          107. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            I”ve used Comtessa for 4 years and shose it because Comtessa was already taken”.
            So you added di Alba, i absolutely don’t care people know me..What does di Alba mean to you?

          108. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol mat rud haha
            U r insane daft mare

          109. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (the right one)

          110. $89733098 Avatar

            Stop picking on comtessa u woman basher!

          111. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Still barking I see. Quick, contact Asio. Tell them I’m a wife basher. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          112. $89733098 Avatar

            Ur still braying. Quick go take it out on ur mutah wife

          113. Anti ISIS Avatar

            You got some issues in your head barabie. How could one be disgusting. What would one expect from a person who is gutter trash.

          114. 5thDrawer Avatar

            You know Farq2 … it would be a logical way to screw up a ‘blog’ site which had people who, by and large, attempt to make sense of the insensible things that happen in Lebanon – and to sort out it’s problems, which was the ‘premise’ of beginning this blog (YaLibnan) in the first place.
            That some of them agree with each other on several things would make it anathema to those who do not wish a particular line of thought to be seen.
            That some ‘feel’ a kinship after a time would be ‘bad’ to those who wish to create disorder among ‘the crowd’.
            Watching the sniping and stupid rants as they over-fill a ‘reply’ zone in a serious news item (not that they all are) tends to chase away those who attempt to consider realities.
            People get tired of it … which is the reason for doing it, especially by serious propagandists who hate to see their silly ‘theories’ being adequately refuted.
            Something to consider …. 😉

          115. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            2oul wallah????

          116. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I doubt it … 😉

          117. $89733098 Avatar

            “How could one be disgusting”?

            Easy, look in the mirror farqed up and u will see disgusting

  2. libanaras Avatar

    RIP Real hero, Lebanon bows it’s head to you , you died for your people so they can enjoy freedom. Lebanon will never forget you.

    The ones with the evil barbaric cowardly act that knows no civilization and based on medieval primitive mentality would be brought to justice one day by the watching world.

    You will always be in the heart of every Lebanese dear beloved soldier.
    Dear lord protect all who on our behalf who takes the steps that place them in harms way, may they find the courage in every task they take, they are always in our thoughts.

    God return all the remaining soldiers to their families and friends safe.

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      “God return all the remaining soldiers to their families and friends safe.”

      Wow is god taking hostages these days? We know some think god imposes taxes and others think god is a real estate agent so no surprise if god is a hostage taker.

      Btw Lebanon is not free while hezbsatan hold the population hostage.

  3. Time for half talk is over… I say the LAF should go on the offensive with take no prisoners.

    1. LAF is not the problem. The politicians are the problem.

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        Of course u don’t consider sayyid nasty a politician.

  4. sweetvirgo Avatar

    The LAF should have shot them all before ISIS left with the soliders. Enough is enough already. Just go and kill them.

  5. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “militants on a motorbike opened fire on Lebanese soldiers patrolling” …. same stuff in Tripoli when trying to get the gangs out … nothing really new, only advertised differently.
    Cudos to the LAF for never running away.

    “Medlej was killed after he tried to escape…” ISIS types don’t like that for sure …it puts THE LIE to their forced videos about what the captured people are thinking when they pump out their crap adverts.

  6. R.I.P poor Lebanese brother. It is sad that your family should hear that their son/brother was killed in such a cruel way by cowerds.
    I hope that our government in Israel would find a way to help you from the hands of those murderers and bring the peace to your country.
    We support a strong,plural and free Lebanon. Shalom!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Actually, Alon … (and thank you) … since ALL the Countries have now agreed they will work together at least on the one horrific entity, ISIS, I was thinking they should just Hire Israel, stand back, and watch you perform another 6-day war with no interference at all.
      We can see you folks have that kind of resolve, at least.
      This would surely cut back on the need for ‘Aid Supplies’ into northern Iraq and Kurdistan, which areas struggle trying to play catch-up to the atrocities, and might in the end be much less expensive. I’d put the job up for consideration. 🙂
      And the usually suspicious people wouldn’t mind, I’m sure, since they would have full details of this contract, at least.

      1. Igor Chingoski Avatar
        Igor Chingoski

        5th CACA; another Jew with another name, kissing Your ASS and seizing the chance to go and station Your troops inside Lebanon and Syria, Wasn’t that the plan all along…?
        And what are You going to do Heroic Israelis? tame those who You paid to stir shit in Syria so You can go like the Saviour and claim a false and staged victory? You must think that We are stupid, I remember Your comments when We protested to the International Community about the Slaughter of Christian Priests, You said and I quote “every day somebody is killed” like IF didn’t matter, But You know this shit is going to hit the fan and blow in Your face, We know who pay those bastards coming from England, USA and Israel, and those You hired to kill will be Your executioners.

        1. Igor – Calling me a Jew who kiss ass and then calling me a bustard is not nice. Having a photo of dictator Putin doesn’t help to your image – Russia just conquered party of Ukraine and still calls the west war mongers…hypocrisy!
          We really want to have a safe “neighbourhood” and make the middle East a nice place to live.
          5th drawer – thanks for your response and let’s try and ignore people out of our area who think they know better.

          1. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            Igor has a picture of Putin? I don’t see it, now we’re getting to which side are you on, NATO Allies side?

          2. Comtessa, none! I actually cannot understand from the media who is the right side in Ukraine, therefore I have not picked a side. I just commented that the guys who says that USA, UK and Israel are looking to control areas of other countries while Russia is doing it now in Ukraine…
            As for what is going on in our region, initially I was happy that the Syrians started to revolt against Assad, but the way it turned to be with the Nusra/ISIS hijacking the Arab Spring into an Extreme Islam Spring… I actually prefer that Assad would remain. As I said, I am very sad to see poor people been savagely murdered by those savagaes (initially I wrote animals but then I do not want to insult the animals). It doesn’t matter your nationality/religion/sect – anyone should go against those savages!

          3. Anti ISIS Avatar

            You are a very level headed person Alon. I would stand next to you anyday to fight these low lives.

          4. Thanks Farq2 for your support. Hope one day to have the option to sit with you for a coffee rather than support each other through here 🙂
            Just look what is going with the responses: It is the interest of all of us to get rid of the extremists (of any kind), but then people here are losing their focus and insult me based on ethnicity. Also, I didn’t get why Comtessa would like to know if I am supporting NATO and how it is related to the issue we are facing.

          5. Anti ISIS Avatar

            My friend, I think you would find that any logical person would show someone like you up most respect due you kind heart and kind words. Take no notice of the haters brother, leave them to me and the few other on this blog to expose them. As for that coffee, it would be a pleasure on the condition we are able to drink it in the capital of Israel. Its great to see Jewish people like you participating on this blog and expressing their heart ache as to what is happing in our region. Be we’ll my friend and take care.

          6. Farq2, it is a deal! Continue doing your good job :o)

          7. Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          8. Guest,since when Zionist is curse? I live in Zion and everything is lovely here. You should treat your rage problem. Seriously, try to take part in a conversation and not to destroy it.

          9. Dear Alon, did you give those great pieces of advice to your buddy or his or your fellow Zionists or its just for non-zionists and non-infallibles???:)
            Please address to people who addressed you!!!:)))

          10. Guest – I actually do not understand what are you trying to say. Could you rephrase it please?
            Let me just explain to you what the meaning of Zion is … it is a synonym to Jerusalem. Like a Jew is an abbreviation to someone who comes from Judea desert – where the city of Jerusalem is. You do not understand that by calling me a Zionist or a Jew you actually do not curse me! I, unlike you, respect any of my neighbours, whether they are Christians, Muslims (Shiite and Sunni) or whatever and I do not curse in a conversation. Look at ISIS – they are all ultra religious people but they are all bad people, so as you see … judge people by their actions and not by their origin, sex or belief.

          11. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Like I said to you my friend, only a logical person wound show you respect. This guest as you can see is far from that.

          12. Yes, I noticed he does nothing but cursing. Those are the people that would never answer a question that doesn’t suit them.

          13. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Take no notice of these morons brother. This is the way most of them are unfortunately. Do what most of us on this blog do, laugh at them and their stupidity.

          14. Exactly that’s what everyone does reading your sincere posts!:)))
            Here another up vote for you!:)))

          15. Lol…I gave you an up vote again! You are such a good alawite!:))) Please keep up the good work!:)))

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (his Icon-face … the stretched-out Putin ;-))

  7. libanaras Avatar


    I think you knew what I meant but you are trying to be clever, it’s not going to work.

    Your sarcastic remark indicate your immaturity.

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      Wow relax my dear shite and please don’t chop my head off. I didn’t insult u once but yet u insulted u. Why? Coz I called ur beloved terrorists hezbsatan?
      Thank u for proving that hezbsatan is the same as isisatan.

      1. libanaras Avatar

        Are you bored or something? I am sorry I cannot entertain you. Obviously, you sound like someone who likes to argue, look for someone else to do that for you I am too busy

        Sorry to disappoint you.

        1. Anti ISIS Avatar

          Take no notice of our resident idiot. You are right, She or he, (still trying to work that one out) just loves to argue. You wrote some beautiful words and yet Barabie manages to pick a fight with you over what, I’m still trying to work that one out.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            So brayed the resident donkey, farqed up. I’m sure asio would be interested in u

          2. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Well why don’t you go a report me to them. You are a joke Barabie and frankly most are sick of your disgusting attitude except for of course those other two idiots. All you do is argue and use disgusting words which is a reflection of your up bringing. I have tried to be civil with you time and time again, yet you continue to be a disgusting thing with ultimately no respect for anybody. Wake up and stop being a little f@#king bitch. For God sake.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol thank u for proving how disgusting u r.

          4. Thank you for your kind words.

          5. Anti ISIS Avatar


        2. $89733098 Avatar

          Lol yet u keep arguing. Haha

    2. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
      Comtessa di Alba

      She’s demented not clever, not immature, there she goes with
      the sectarian ‘shit’ insult calling people shite, the Salafist was
      defending ISIS last week, she’s so sorry for the soldier but no
      respect for the mourners.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        For your information, barabie is one of the most intelligent and respected writers on Egyptian news sites. She defends the national interests against those who are allied with terrorists and other enemies of Islam.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Difficult to believe ….

        2. $89733098 Avatar

          Ignore 5th donkey, it is a dirty old man who tries to buy love in 3rd world countries.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I didn’t think you were ‘3rd world’ …
            Although Comtessa may be right … and you are Barabie, Btru2u, and Mal-Merc all in one.
            And perhaps a couple of ‘Guests’ too. :-))))

          2. $89733098 Avatar

            R u hard of understanding or is it Alzheimer’s? I told u to stop addressing me but u have done the exact opposite. Btw I’m not in tripoli and I love ur tear jerking sob stories, they r hilarious.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Alzheimer’s?? Who’s Alzheimer’s? I don’t know that name ….
            From now on I’ll only address you the way you do me … obliquely … as a third-party reference.

          4. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Don’t do that 5th, you’ll confuse the shit out of her. -:))

          5. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol haha

        3. 5thDrawer Avatar

          (words from the fake)

      2. $89733098 Avatar

        Daft mare get off ur back and stop performing mutah. Arguing with yourself is a def sign of madness.

    3. $89733098 Avatar

      Very mature of u calling me barbie. Lmfao

  8. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    That’s my hero and these bastards took him away. May Allah wreak havoc on these evil doers and bring them justice for what they have done to humanity. ISIS shall be doomed and all the dogs that acts like them.

    1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

      please dont pretend u dont support these criminals. these r the same ppl who started the ‘revolution’ in syria…

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Their gooses were cooked a long time ago.

        1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar


  9. Shirdel2142 Avatar

    One more hero goes to heaven…sleep well brother,you have done your part,you will not be forgotten,my condolences to his family.

  10. Why these Khawarij Zionist Infallibles ISIS devils are beheading innocents (Sunnis, Christians, …) and not the great asshead, fatso, sulemani, sadr, khamenei, maliki, other fellow K Z I, etc.??? Is it coz they can’t as they are their Masters and Creators???
    Yet people want to stay naive even when its so obvious!!!

    1. Anti ISIS Avatar

      Oh, so the 75 Syrian soldiers who were beheaded in Raqqa are Sunni’s, or the 150 Syrian soldiers who were shot at point blank are Sunni’s, or the 1700 university students who were beheaded as well as shot at point blank in Iraq were also Sunni’s. You do realize how stupid you sound, don’t you. You have been exposed you idiots, the world now knows that ISIS are Sunni’s. Now go and TAKEBEER you f@%king moron.

      1. Lol…ouch it really hurt you didn’t it dear IDIOT STUPID MORON????:))))
        How dare anyone say or wish anything bad about those lovely KZI’s????:))))
        Yeah you seem right all those millions of innocents butchered or still are in syria, iraq, iran, yemen, list in endless…by your lovely KZI’s were/are not Sunnis.
        KZI’s are angels who are sinless.:))) People should commend you and your fellow KZI’s loyalists in here for the love, admiration, support, loyalty, …for fatso, asshead, Iran, Zionist!!!:)))
        Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
        ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

        1. Anti ISIS Avatar

          Is that your answer. typical low life. only good at making accusation, however when a question is put to you that you can’t answer, you run away like an animal that you are. Come on, answer the question I put to. If you can.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            I answered it for him. “Don’t believe everything the media tells u. No one really knows what’s going on” xx

          2. Anti ISIS Avatar

            As I thought, typical of your type. can’t answer a simple question.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            Do u have comprehension issues? I posted an answer twice coz I realise how slow u r in understanding.

          4. You forgot, he claimed to be the one and only “Intelligent Bitch” beside Isis queen, may be on here and everywhere else!?:)

          5. Thank you!:)

          6. Lol…which media outlet those great questions are from???
            Here just one question answer, is Iran, Asshead, Fatso, Suleimani, Maliki,…angels???
            Come on lol…you can answer…just say they killed millions of innocent Sunnis!!!
            Its your triat dear low life, idiot, stupid, moron, animal!:)))
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          7. Anti ISIS Avatar

            The problem is they haven’t killed enough.

          8. $89733098 Avatar

            Keep exposing yourself. Screenshot that disgusting comment of yours also

          9. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Please stop Barabie, I’m so scared. You really are pathetic, aren’t you. Takebeer Takebeer

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Speaking of which … Good to know something is normal somewhere in Liban. BEER. (I liked the dark …)

            BEIRUT: Lebanon’s beer lovers have a chance to celebrate the local brew during the 22nd annual Beer Festival that is set to go on until Sunday at the premises of Lebanese restaurant chain Shtrumpf in Jounieh.
            “We have been serving local beer for the past 21 years,” Manager Joe Azar told The Daily Star, hinting that the event favors local brews over any imported brands.
            “We only serve imported beer in a small segment of the Beer Festival which is known as the Beer Olympics” he said.
            Shtrumpf Bar and Grill, a restaurant renowned for its annual Beer Festival, kicked off the event last week, reeling in hundreds of customers every night.
            (Several were asked why …)
            “We are loyal to our country so we drink local beer,” said one attendee, raising a pint in honor of his country’s brew.
            Similarly, Soha Merhej also declared her love for Lebanese beer, saying that “it is one of the few things Lebanon has done right.”
            Meanwhile, Cheryl went for a less obvious answer, saying that drinking beer is an “efficient workout,” arguing that it makes her “run back and forth to the restrooms.”

          11. Lol…see how easy was that? Just act like a real Infallible with the beliefs instead of using silly Taqiyah. When will the Infallibles realize that eventually the fakeness, lies, deceptions, etc. comes out with little or no effort and they stand exposed to the world!? They are real smart!:)))
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          12. $89733098 Avatar

            I wouldn’t insult animals and call u one coz u r not. U r a bottom feeder. Xx

          13. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Well Barabie, I’m willing to insult animals by calling you one. xxoo

          14. Lol…no answer yet???
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          15. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Lol, I sort of like a your humor, Especially the ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist comment.

          16. Really…thanks!:)))
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          17. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            whats ur point exactly?

          18. Lol…what’s yours exactly???:)))

          19. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            my point is that u r stupid :))))

          20. Lol…what else can be expected of the lovely Infallibles beside curses, abuses, threats, lies, deceptions, etc.????:))))
            Great point there, “STUPID”… you didn’t had to call yourself that…people here and elsewhere know!:))))

          21. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            thank u for proving my point :))))))))) :PPPPPPPP :DDDDDDDD :bbbbbbbbb xoxoxoxo

          22. Lol…anytime my majos friend!:)))
            I gave you an up vote!:)))

          23. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            I’m neither majos nor ur friend :b not that there is anything wrong wid being majoos 🙂

          24. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Funny you said that, that was my point as well.

          25. Anytime, my Infallible friend!:)))
            I gave you an up vote!:)))

          26. $89733098 Avatar

            Thank u my dear head chopping shite.

          27. You should always thank them. Never criticize if not then the real them will come out cursing, abusing, threatening, and lots more.:)

          28. Anti ISIS Avatar

            No worries my g string burqa wearing terrorist.

          29. Lol…look who’s saying a one HIMSELF.:)))
            Thanks for the info, audience are thrilled to know that you don one!:))

        2. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

          tawil balak chway… mich darouri bt3asabi b hal 2aaaaad

          1. Lol…lots of corrections needed. Stick with English however bad you write.:)))

          2. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            i improve every day so whats ur next argument?

      2. $89733098 Avatar

        Ooh relax honey. Don’t want u chopping anyone’s head off coz u r losing it. Go perform mutah on daft mare, that should calm u down.

        1. Anti ISIS Avatar

          Well Barabie, I might chop you head of, however at least I wouldn’t chop you clitoris of like you isis brothers.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Farqed up: “Well Barabie, I might chop you head of”

            Thank u for proving u and Isis r the same. And I’m CONVINCED ASIO will find u very interesting.

          2. You should’ve known all along.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            I did know, just wanted the bottom feeder to admit it itself. 🙂
            It did.

          4. Please save it before IT edits the confirmation!:)

          5. $89733098 Avatar

            I’ve screenshot it. 🙂

          6. 🙂

          7. It’s easy to bring out the real Infallible out abusing, cursing, threatening,…?
            Sit and enjoy when that Taqiyah hat of theirs comes out. It’s pure entertainment. If it doesn’t come out then they will keep fooling people with sob lying stories.:)

          8. BTW, where did dear Isis queen go?:) Sure instructing her soldiers with the amazing IQ on how to go after Sunnis!:)

          9. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Alright, Alright, I wont chop your head of. Only your clitoris.There, is that better.

          10. $89733098 Avatar

            Backtracking and back peddling haha. Too late I already emailed ASIO. 🙂

          11. Anti ISIS Avatar

            I look forward to be contacted by them. Hahahahahaha. Your an idiot.

          12. You mean your KZI Isis bros???
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          13. Oh 5th, what you think of IT’s opinion?:)

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (Hmmmm … I didn’t see any opinion of an IT here. )
            (I think that acronym means ‘In Training’ … although I could be wrong.)
            Dear Guest … I don’t have an opinion.

          15. Lol…thought so…you are such a good being.:)))
            Say the same when a non-zionist and non-infallible opines or replies to curses and abuses from your fellow good beings!:)))

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well ‘Guest’ … speaking of ‘Non-Zionists’ …. a secret is finally out ….
            EL SUPREMO OPENS UP 😉

            Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is recovering from prostate surgery, state media say.
            The operation, which took place on Monday at a government hospital in the capital, Tehran, was said to be “routine”.
            An announcement about the surgery ahead of the procedure was unprecedented, as the Ayatollah’s health is traditionally a confidential subject.
            The 75-year-old cleric has led Iran since 1989 and is its top authority.
            Earlier on Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei was seen on Iranian state television asking people to pray for him, but said there was “no room for concern”.
            Ayatollah Khamenei’s health has always been a secret topic in Iran, like other aspects of his personal life, says BBC Persian’s Bozorgmehr Sharafedin.
            In January 2007 a rumour of the Ayatollah’s death spread in Iran and the world, simply because he did not announce he had a bad case of flu and could not attend public ceremonies, our reporter says.
            The Ayatollah’s appearance on TV before the surgery and announcement of the news by himself is a clear change of approach. Either he knows that the critical situation in Iran and the region cannot bear another rumour of his death, or he has decided to be more open about his personal life, our reporter adds. (we CAN believe the BBC … )
            In 1989, Ayatollah Khamenei succeeded the first Supreme Leader and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, following Khomeini’s death.
            As the country’s highest authority, Ayatollah Khamenei’s power outranks all politicians, including the country’s President Hassan Rouhani.
            (*last line well noted*)

          17. Hope he recovers soon as who will guide the Infallibles, fund/train/harbour the likes of Isis, asshead, hezbusatan etc., and also work with the lovely peaceful innocent Zionists!?:)

        2. Where did he go….ran off like always with tail in between….?:)

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol yep it sure did run or waddle. Didn’t take much to catch it out. :))))

        3. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

          muttah is only one outta a million disgusting concepts of ur religion

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Wow agnostic is a religion? And it practises mutah? U r Einstein.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Presently referencing …. ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ (Nag Hammadi, Etc. 2007 edition) And the Infallible ‘Oxford’.
            ‘Agnostic’ … A person who believes that one cannot know whether or not God Exists. (a not unreasonable logic)
            Therefore, a believer in something, but unsure. Like a religion – without recognizing it as such, because one cannot know if one should.
            ‘Mutah’ … might be or might not be practiced, in the uncertainty of agnosticism.
            ‘Disgusting’ … some believe that.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            Addressing me again!! Haha Alzheimer’s def.

          4. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            what??? did u even understand what i said???

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Not addressing ‘The B’, probably she was agnostically unsure.

          6. Lol…you feeling OK? Its the concept of the great Infallibles and their lovely cult. You are spot on, its just mere one outta zillion.:))) They are ruling the majos like you who became a minority and nothing in their own land.:))) Wow…them Infallibles!:)))

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            As ‘Guest’, I’m not addressing you, am I.

          8. How are you good being? How can one not expect addressed by you???:)))

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I think it has something to do with where an opinion is placed as a reply, even if one is not addressed.

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I’d address myself, but that would be just about as silly … although I could also give myself some ‘likes’ too, which would boost the popularity contest results.
            Even if it didn’t mean I agreed with myself.

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            But opinions are what we look for, after all … addressing them is a choice, even if not addressing the entity which opined.

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And yet, it DOES seem more reasonable to consider a reply could also be addressed to ‘an entity’ – even if it’s self-serving flap twaddle.

          13. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Dear 5th … you’re having a good day I see. And thanks for the fillers.

          14. Lol…you bored like usual, seems talking to yourself.:)))
            Can you show some guts and give this lecture to your fellow good beings or you can’t or won’t???:)))

          15. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I have a lecture about Scotch. Would that not be preferable ???
            I also have a recipe for fried Grasshoppers, and I think it’s due for re-print.
            There are number of lectures that received no comments at all, and I thus assume that everyone agreed with those ones.
            However, I suppose THIS bit of a sideways lecture has sufficiently filled the spaces by now, so I’ll simply leave off with a happy:

          16. Lol…on expected lines…no reply to the questions…you won’t as it involves your fellow good beings…then please stop lecturing the non-zionists and non-infallibles.:)))
            Please stick to drinking, it suits you well dear good being!:)))

          17. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Obviously you haven’t read the whole 3 or 4 years. BUT, Ok Btru2u. :-)))))
            By the way, are you sure you wouldn’t want some shares in my little business?
            The ‘Square Meter Buckets®’ are doing well ….

          18. Lol…who…what..are you talking to yourself and filling up the space again like usual???:)))

          19. 5thDrawer Avatar

            As one infallible to another, basically, yes.

          20. $89733098 Avatar

            It’s easy to expose hypocrites like 5th who believes “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. Typical of a pom.

          21. How about the opinions prior to a reply, good being???:)))

          22. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

          23. Oh good being, how about the silly abusive cursive ones when the initial opinion is not to the responders liking?:)

          24. 5thDrawer Avatar

            How opinions are opined often results in considering abuse. Liking an opinion is not the same thing as abusing.

          25. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Abusing the space here is not an opinion, of course. But adding all this nonsense accomplishes the task of obfuscation desired by abusers.

          26. 5thDrawer Avatar

            In my opinion … at least.

          27. If say what you said is true, then is it only applicable to one group of good beings and not the other???:)))

          28. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Dear guest of YaLibnan. All follow the rules of engagement here. I assume we all read them, first, of course. I don’t see how they could pertain inequitably to any. Do you??

          29. Dear the eternal guest of YaLibnan, can you please enlighten about that to your fellow good beings too or is it only applicable to non-zionists and non-infallibles???:)))

          30. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            is that whats happening or what u hope will happen?

      3. $89733098 Avatar

        Btw honey “don’t believe everything the media tells u”. Xx

        1. You should never believe anything if it didn’t come out of Manar, press TV, or straight from Qom or from fatso’s or asshead’s mouth.:)
          After all they are God’s.:)

          1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            astaghfirullah!!!! there is only one shitty god

          2. Lol…the Infallibles “God’s” they are many…even the majosis and their sun god were not spared by them.:)

          3. Hind Abyad Avatar

            I used to read and believe the same outlets that you mentioned. At first glance, they made sense but when one actually takes the time to dig a little deeper, they are all a load of B/S.

      4. The real lebanese Avatar
        The real lebanese

        But at the same time the 1200 children gassed in Damascus in one night or the civilians killed by barrel bombs that targeted hospitals and markets or the women sexually assaulted in the regime’s prisons are mostly Sunnis. And from what Ive read IS kills many Sunnis who openly dont agree with them. I havent visited the Islamic State for vacation so i dont know much about it. I’ve heard its a good place for tanning.

        1. Anti ISIS Avatar

          There a big difference in what happen to these poor children and what ISIS are doing. The difference is the world community have disagreed with each other as to who fired the weapons that killed those kids. As for ISIS’s atrocities, the world community agree that they have committed these act’s and are guilty as charged. .

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Of course when it comes to ur hero asshead “no one knows who did it”. U r truly demented

          2. Anti ISIS Avatar

            I love our exchange Barabie, It’s make my day. What are you wearing under that burqa, Please tell me.

          3. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Oh, and btw, If Dr Bashar Al Assad keeps exterminating your brothers, then Yes, he is and always will be my hero.


          4. He will be everyone’s if he exterminates himself after exterminating fatso, khamenei, sulemani, sadr, all the ayatoilets, Isis, hezbusatan, basijs, militias, boko haram, brigades, revolutionary guards, Zionists, etc.:)))
            World be such a peaceful place and all its habitants happy!!!:)))
            Lol…Ya Fatso…Ya Asshead…Ya Khamenei…Ya Khawarij… Ya Zionist…Ya Dajjal
            ISIS = Infallibles + Zionist

          5. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            So the Assad regime is a liar while IS is open?? The chemical weapons were fired from Russian missiles. On top of that a German intelligence agency intercepted a call by a regime general asking for an explanation as to why they fired a large quantity of chemical weapons that night. Why do you think Assad was so happy to give up his whole chemical weapons arsenal? Doesnt the whole world know Assad is dropping barrel bombs? The world is united on IS because IS doesnt have any ties with any nations. Meanwhile Putin is getting rich off the war in Syria and Iran’s Shiite crest is at risk of shattering.

          6. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Then tell me real, those militants that were caught in Turkey with the very same chemicals you claim Assad used are what, Assad’s soldiers. Or do were call there capturing a propaganda stunt.

          7. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            It happens. Especially when you have terrorist groups running around lawlessly. But its a much bigger deal when a government uses them on a much larger scale and then denies it when all evidence points towards them (regarding one of the largest chemical weapons attack in history in Damascus). German spy services, UN investigation that said all evidence pointed towards Assad but failed to say he did it to avoid upsetting Russia, and Assad suddenly willing to give up his whole arsenal without a fight. Im sure theres more that I can pull up if you want.

          8. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Real, you and I have been through this before. Do you really want to go there again. Like I said to you, the world is still divided as to whether Assad did or didn’t. It’s funny how the countries who financed the revolution in Syria are the very same countries who claimed he used them, don’t you think. It must be a coincidence.

          9. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            The whole world knows Assad did it! The UN said all evidence points towards him, apparently HRW says it was him, and German intelligence services intercepted a call from a regime officer. Russia never denied after the first 48hrs and was quick to offer the regime give up its arsenal if the US didn’t retaliate (Putin knows Obama cant turn down any pacifist move). I keep saying the same thing over and over again and you still dont seem to grasp that it was regime troops that killed 1200 in Damascus that night. Next comment will be all links if you want.

          10. $89733098 Avatar

            Trust me u r wasting ur time. U can’t make the blind see.

          11. $89733098 Avatar

            HRW have confirmed it was asshead. I’ve posted the link previously. Trust me no matter what evidence u show these terrorist sympathisers they will still deny it

          12. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Best bet for them would be to accept it and move on. Denying something that is already proven is too easy to play off of.

          13. $89733098 Avatar

            No no!!!
            How dare u accuse his cold blooded murderer with anything but being the equivalent of mother Theresa!! Asshead only kills terrorists. Those children, women and civilian men r really all terrorists dressed up as children, women and civilian men. Geez get it together man.

          14. Anti ISIS Avatar

            Barabie, you never told me what you wearing underneath that burqa.

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Some do the tanning while running in their undershorts.

    2. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
      Comtessa di Alba

      There you are manjuice..innocents Sunnis and Christians beheaded by Sunnis.

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        Haven’t u had enough “man juice” from ur mutah husbands asshead and nasty? Farqed up can help

        1. MaImequer0 Avatar

          LOL !!! Hey, good morning (afternoon for you) !! Did I miss anything? Looks like daft mare is off its meds… again.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            Hey mal. Daft mare has gone completely insane. It claims it never made those comments when it was hind legs and some other crap about not being who it is now. Very hard to understand what the daft mare is neighing about.

          2. MaImequer0 Avatar

            LOL.. she seems to be agreeing with most of your comments. As for her denying past comments, I doubt that in her condition, she remembers what she said yesterday.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            She’s going absolutely bonkers. Hopefully no one is standing behind except asshead and nasty coz the daft mare is likely to start kicking.

          4. $89733098 Avatar


      2. Lol…who dear ISIS queen???? Please tell your soldiers to spare innocent Sunnis, Christians,… and instead get them…fatso, asshead, sulemani, maliki, khamenei, zionist…
        How dare anyone says anything about the lovely Zionist shiiiit’ es??? They are the victims, oppressed, innocents, …???

  11. Anti ISIS Avatar

    To Hell with Isis and tell hell with anybody who supports these low life pieces of shit. R.I.P brother, may God protect you on your next journey.

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