Lebanon launches tourism revival campaign

Lebanon is slashing airfares and hotel rates this week in order to revive its tourism industry, which is reeling from the civil war in neighbouring Syria. Middle East Airlines, the national carrier, is offering discounts of up to 50 per cent on selected packages for a 50-day period starting on Tuesday, while Fadi Abboud, the […]

Tourism plummets due to Lebanon position on Syria, report

As civil war rages in neighbouring Syria and with tourism from the Gulf non-existent, hardened Lebanese merchants are surviving on a mixed bag of individual initiative, well-off Syrian tourists and help from expats. Sitting in her lifestyle boutique, with evening gowns displayed opposite a fully stocked bar, Sophie Salame says the Lebanese “always have a […]

UAE warns against travel to Lebanon

The United Arab Emirates issued another travel advisory on Saturday in which it urged its citizens to refrain from travel to Lebanon unlesss iyt it absolutely necessary . “We have taken this decision because of the political situation in Lebanon and the surrounding countries,” the Undersecretary of the UAE Foreign Ministry Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed […]

Syrian influx is cold comfort for Lebanon

Many of the Gulf visitors so crucial to Lebanon’s tourism and hospitality sectors have stayed away this year as the turmoil in neighbouring Syria has sent tremors through nearby Lebanon. But you wouldn’t know it from walking into Cafe Hamra, a restaurant on one of Beirut’s main commercial thoroughfares. Almost every table is full.

Iran suspends visa-free entry for Turks ahead of summit

Iran has suspended until at least the end of the month visa-free entry for nationals of Turkey and eight other countries, citing its hosting of a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit, the Mehr news agency reported Saturday. Turkish media have highlighted the suspension, which came amid heightened tensions between Iran and Turkey over opposing stances on […]