Syrian rebels threaten to hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon- — Syrian rebels on Tuesday threatened to carry out attacks against Hezbollah inside Lebanon, a dangerous escalation of the conflict that could destabilize Syria’s politically volatile neighbor as well as the region. The heightened tensions on both sides of the border came as four mortar rounds hit one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s […]

The militia is the key to Syrian regime’s new war strategy

Beirut, Lebanon- A Syrian government militia that the U.S. has declared a terrorist organization is becoming increasingly important to the Syrian government’s strategy as it attempts to shore up its still-loyal but beleaguered military. The militia, known as the National Defense Force or the People’s Army, is an extension of the shabiha,

Syrian warplanes strike Damascus outskirts

Syrian warplanes have launched air strikes on the outskirts of Damascus, as clashes erupted between government troops and rebels, activists say. Air raids on Saturday hit the suburb of Zamalka to the east, Douma to the northeast, and there were multiple strikes on the Eastern Ghouta region that runs along the eastern edge of the capital,

Sharp division within US administration over Syria policy

The Pentagon’s top leaders said Thursday that they favored supplying weapons to rebels locked in a grinding civil war with the Syrian government, a position that put them directly at odds with the White House. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Egypt tells Iran: End Syrian crisis before we restore ties

Egypt’s presidential spokesman says an end to Syrian crisis is a condition to restore relations with Iran and that his country supports the Syrian opposition’s proposal for talks with the regime in Damascus. Yasser Ali’s comments Wednesday were made ahead of an Egyptian-Turkish-Iranian mini-summit on the Syrian

Lebanon orders extradition of a deserter back to Syria

A military court in Lebanon has ordered the extradition of a Syrian officer-turned-rebel who entered the country illegally back to his own embattled country, a judicial source told AFP on Wednesday. The defector risks the death penalty for treason if he is actually handed over to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, Lebanese human rights […]