Opportunities endless for youth, Obama tells Australian students

US President Barack Obama has thanked Australia for being a close friend and ally and has urged both nations to seize future opportunities in the Asia-Pacific. The president on Saturday said despite wars raging across the globe, the world was a much safer place for people living in the most amazing time in history. Asia […]

China counters U.S. “pivot” at summit with ‘Asia-Pacific dream’ and 2 new “Silk Roads”

China’s President Xi Jinping has a new vision for Asia, with his country at the center of affairs. It embodies what he calls the “Asia-Pacific dream” and two new “Silk Roads” and is backed by tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure investment, a proposed free-trade zone and vigorous diplomatic engagement. It is already shaping […]

Saudi King invites Iran’s President to Islamic summit in Mecca

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has sent an invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to attend an emergency Islamic summit in Mecca later this month, according to Saudi state news agency (SPA). SPA reported that the invitation was delivered by the Saudi Ambassador to Iran Mohammed al-Kilabi during a meeting with the Head of the […]