MP Ghanem calls orthodox law unconstitutional, divisive

MP Robert Ghanem warned during a press conference on Monday against the adoption of the so-called Orthodox Gathering proposed electoral law stressing it is unconstitutional and would isolate the Lebanese sects. He called for the adoption of an electoral draft-law that guarantees the best representation for all.

Jumblatt: Hezbollah fighting in Syria on orders from Iran

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt said on Sunday that “Hezbollah is fighting inside Syria in support of the Syrian regime on orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” adding that “the Lebanese government has failed to implement its dissociation policy prompting March 14 parties to fight alongside the people of Syria.”

Geagea urges allies to make sacrifices to reach consensus

During a Friday televised speech , Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called on his allies in the March 14 coalition to exert all possible efforts to reach a consensus on a new electoral law. “I call on all parties and particularly our allies to offer sacrifices in order to reach consensus on whatever electoral law […]

Independent MPs vowed to fight the Orthodox law

Lebanese independent Christian lawmakers met at MP Boutros Harb’s house in Hazmieh, east of Beirut and vowed that they will fight the Orthodox electoral law in parliament to prevent it from being adopted . “We all stand against this proposal and will fight to prevent it from being adopted in parliament,” National News Agency quoted […]

Abou Faour: Orthodox law is a scarecrow

Lebanon Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abu Faour said that ” the proposed Orthodox electoral law is just a scarecrow aimed at passing other other laws that could improve the electoral position of some parties.” He pointed out that the right approach to solve the electoral law issue is for everyone to realize that the […]

A Senate for Lebanon is a national demand, Arslan

Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan added his voice for supporting the establishment of a Lebanese Senate in addition to the parliament in Lebanon and stressed that this is a national demand . “A senate is a national demand … not only a Druze one,” Arslan was quoted as saying by his media office […]

Jumblatt calls his meeting with Hariri friendly , transparent

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt described his meeting with the former PM and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri that addressed the electoral law issue and regional development as “friendly and transparent.” “We share the same view that the proposed Orthodox Gathering law should be rejected…