Britain is to establish a permanent military base in Bahrain

Britain is to establish its first permanent military base in the Middle East since it formally withdrew from the region in 1971. The base, at the Mina Salman Port in Bahrain, will host ships including destroyers and aircraft carriers. The UK said it was an “expansion of the Royal Navy’s footprint” and would “reinforce stability” […]

Bahrain: opposition boycotts the first election since the 2011 protests

ON THE face of it, voting has never been easier in Bahrain. Citizens can use a smartphone app to register to vote in the parliamentary elections on November 22nd, and ballot boxes have been organised for citizens abroad. But it will be a skewed event with a pre-ordained result: while the government is laying on […]

Suleiman tells Arab states to ignore Aoun’s remarks

President Michel Suleiman urged all Lebanese politicians to abide by the principles of the Baabda Declaration and refrain from meddling in the affairs of other Arab countries and at the same time he told the Arab states to ignore remarks made by some politicians because they not reflect the official stance of Lebanon.

Lebanon PM: Cabinet impartial on regional affairs

Lebanon Prime Minister Najib Mikati stressed on Sunday that the government is adamant about respecting the disassociation policy on all issues concerning the region. “The government, as per the National Dialogue Committee’s session and the Baabda Declaration, will remain impartial on all regional affairs,” Mikati was quoted as saying

US:Threat from Hezbollah now highest in 20 years

US security officials have warned that the terrorist threat from Hezbollah is at its highest level for 20 years. Western intelligence agencies believe that the Lebanese group is now more active overseas than at any time since the early 1990s, with attacks planned