Gemayel warns Hezbollah over using arms inside Lebanon

MP Nadim Gemayel warned on Sunday that if Hezbollah used its arms again inside Lebanon “then we will confront it with weapons too.” “If Hezbollah was able in 2008 to crush the Future Movement in Beirut and the Progressive Socialist Party in Chouf, then it would have been able to continue its operation against other […]

Phalange holds the cabinet responsible for deterioration of economy

The Phalange party which is headed by former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel issued a statement on Monday following its weekly meeting stating that Friday’s clashes in Tripoli would not have occurred if Lebanese parties had remained neutral regarding the events in Syria and if Damascus had stopped using Lebanon as a buffer zone.

Iranian embassy says Iran never benefitted from Israeli weapons

The Iranian Embassy in Lebanon issued a statement on Wednesday denying that Iran benefited from Israeli weapons in the past, adding that such false allegations aim to distort Iran’s image. “The Islamic republic of Iran, throughout eight years of imposed war, had not benefited from any weapons from the Zionist regime

Phalange partly: Leave STL alone and stop politicizing it

The Phalange Party on Monday called on all parties to keep the “Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL) away from the ongoing conflicts in Lebanon and the region, ” and urged ” an end to politicizing this international authority, which enjoyed national consensus upon its establishment,” according to a statement issued after the weekly meeting […]

2 bombs found in front of MP Marouni’s home

The Phalange Party issued a statement in which it revealed that two bombs were found in front of Phalange MP and former minister Elie Marouni’s residence in Zahle on Tuesday morning. “One bomb was found at the main entrance of his house, and the second one was placed on his car’s windshield,” the statement said. […]

Gumen arrested after firing at Pahalange convoy in Bikfaya

A gunman was arrested Sunday after opening fire at a Phalange party convoy in Bikfaya, the state-run National News Agency said. NNA said the convoy was on its way to take part in the opening ceremony of a Phalange party office in Ein Sifsaf. NNA said the gunman was promptly arrested by Lebanese troops. The […]