Gemayel warns Hezbollah over using arms inside Lebanon


MP Nadim Gemayel warned on Sunday that if Hezbollah used its arms again inside Lebanon “then we will confront it with weapons too.”

“If Hezbollah was able in 2008 to crush the Future Movement in Beirut and the Progressive Socialist Party in Chouf, then it would have been able to continue its operation against other groups,” the Phalange party MP told Voice of Lebanon

In May 2008, Hezbollah occupied the western part of Beirut and tried to occupy Mt Lebanon when the cabinet of former PM Fouad Siniora decided to remove the party’s telecommunications network . Hezbollah reportedly lost more people during its failed effort to occupy Mt Lebanon than in the 2006 war with Israel and the son of Sheikh Naim Qassem Deputy Secretary general of Hezbollah was reportedly killed in the Mt Lebanon battle

Gemayel also slammed Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s Saturday speech, calling it “dangerous and illogical.”

“[Aoun’s speech] was very dangerous [since it aimed] to sow fear in the minds of Maronites as a power ploy.”


Gemayel also questioned the itinerary of US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman’s visit earlier in the week.

“Why did Feltman visit [Progressive Socialist Party leader MP] Walid Jumblatt [before meeting the leading officials in Lebanon]?

Upon his arrival in Beirut on Tuesday the former ambassador to Lebanon headed to Jumblatt’s residence in West Beirut’s Clemenceau.