Samaha’s plot: Gemayel calls for severing ties with Syria

Phalange Party official MP Sami Gemayel slammed on Friday the Lebanese authorities for not suspending diplomatic ties with Syria after the judiciary sought the death penalty for 2 Syrian security officials. Gemayel wondered how the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, wasn’t expelled or summoned.

MP Gemayel: Hezbollah is training FPM members

Phalange party MP Nadim Gemayel said on Tuesday that Hezbollah is giving military training to Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) members, National News Agency (NNA) reported. “ FPM groups are receiving military and field training by Hezbollah trainers for handling security issues in Christan areas ” he was quoted as saying by NNA

Gemayel warns Hezbollah over using arms inside Lebanon

MP Nadim Gemayel warned on Sunday that if Hezbollah used its arms again inside Lebanon “then we will confront it with weapons too.” “If Hezbollah was able in 2008 to crush the Future Movement in Beirut and the Progressive Socialist Party in Chouf, then it would have been able to continue its operation against other […]

Franjieh: Iran is dangerous and Hezbollah is its only friend

Former MP Samir Franjieh, a key member of march 14 alliance said on Monday that forming a national-salvation cabinet is impossible because there is no political agreement between the major parties on the issue. He told MTV that March 8 is incapable of forming a cabinet and governing the country.