Syrian envoy to U. N. claims receiving death threats

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari said Friday that he and his family had been the target of death threats and had alerted US authorities. Jaafari, whose daughter is said to have advised President Bashar al-Assad on handling the western media, has become the international face of the Syrian government

UN nations condemn Syrian regime, demand political transition

The U.N. General Assembly on Friday overwhelmingly voted to condemn the Syrian government and demanded a political transition in Syria, which has seen 17 months of fighting between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and opposition fighters.

Assad forces, rebels fight to control Aleppo broadcast center

Rebel and Syrian forces battled early Saturday for a building that houses state-run TV and radio studios in Aleppo, a day after the U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution that slams the Syrian government for its actions and the U.N. Security Council for its failure to counter the crisis.

UN to bark at Syria, but still no bite

UNITED NATIONS – With the U.N. Security Council deadlocked over the Syrian crisis, the General Assembly prepared Friday to denounce Syria for unleashing tanks, artillery, helicopters and warplanes on the people of Aleppo and Damascus, and demand that the Assad regime

Kofi Annan quits as Syria peace envoy

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is quitting as international peace envoy for Syria, frustrated by “finger-pointing” at the United Nations while the armed rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad becomes increasingly bloody. As battles raged on Thursday in Syria’s second city, Aleppo, between

Syria’s ceasefire is just buying time for Assad

After one year and over 10,000 deaths, it’s little surprise that we find ourselves clutching at straws in Syria. But Kofi Annan’s well-intended mediation – including a ceasefire that’s already crumbling, according to Ban Ki-Moon – is unlikely to bear fruit. Syria’s civil war may have passed the point of no return.

Syria blames Lebanon for arming rebels

Armed “terrorist groups” in Syria have been receiving weapons from supporters in Lebanon and other states along the Syrian border, Damascus said in a complaint to the United Nations released on Monday. He said there had been multiple “confiscations of weapons, explosives and explosive devices smuggled from Lebanon to Syria by certain Lebanese political forces […]

Palestinians in Gaza Hurl Shoes at Visiting UN Chief

Palestinians tried to block the U.N. chief from entering the Gaza Strip and flung shoes at his armored convoy on Thursday, the second day of Ban Ki-moon’s mission to the region to keep informal peace talks alive. About 40 relatives of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails for a range of violent attacks gathered at […]