Cardinals could meet sooner to choose new pope: Vatican

The cardinals who must pick a successor to Pope Benedict XVI after he steps down on February 28 could meet to make the decision sooner than thought, a Vatican spokesman said Saturday. The conclave, the meeting which will bring together the 117 cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, could start before March 15 if all […]

Who will be Pope Benedict’ s replacement ?

Technically, any male Catholic is eligible to be elected pope. But traditionally, the cardinals choose one of their own. For the princes of the church — the cardinals — the sudden resignation of a pope can be more of a shock than the death of one. And it is they who now have to choose […]

Pope appoints Lebanon’s Patriarch Rai, 5 others as cardinals

Pope Benedict made six non-European prelates Roman Catholic cardinals on Saturday, chipping away at the old continent’s domination of the elite group that will one day elect his successor. The new cardinals, ranging in age from 53 to 72, are from the United States, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Lebanon and Colombia,