Assad told Hariri: “I will destroy Lebanon on your and Jumblatt’s head”, Update 2

  After testifying Tuesday at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon about Syria’s hegemony over Lebanon and revealed some the factors that led to the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, MP Marwan Hamadeh resumed on Wednesday his testimony before STL , focusing  on the pressure that Syrian president Bashar al Assad exerted […]

Harb to File a Lawsuit against Judge Madi

MP Butros Harb condemned on Tuesday General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi’s request to strip him of his parliamentary immunity and accused him of collaborating with Hezbollah to cover up the perpetrator in the assassination attempt against him. During a press conference Harb said: “I will file a lawsuit against Madi and I will make his […]


Sunni Muslims took to the streets and burned tires across Lebanon in protest against the killing of senior intelligence official Wissam al-Hassan in a car bomb on Friday, witnesses said. Protesters, infuriated by the death of the prominent Sunni, blocked roads in the eastern Bekaa valley region,

Aoun rejects ISF request to inspect his car that came under fire

Internal Security Forces requested permission to inspect the car which reportedly came under fire yesterday in Sidon but General Michel Aoun rejected the request and was quoted as saying” this is not possible , the car is being used now”. Aoun’s convoy passed late Saturday through the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon. Aoun later […]

Lebanese Forces’ leader escapes ‘assassination bid’

Samir Geagea, a leading Lebanese opposition figure and outspoken critic of the Syrian regime, said he survived an assassination attempt outside his house on Wednesday. The Christian leader, who heads the Lebanese Forces party, told journalists he had been shot at twice by “snipers” as he was walking with bodyguards outside his fortified residence in […]