France Seeks Arab Backing for war against Islamists in Mali

French warplanes were reported 0n Tuesday to have carried out airstrikes overnight against Islamist fighters who overran a strategic village and military post in central Mali on Monday, offering an indication that the war against extremists who have carved out a jihadist state in the nation’s north could be a long and difficult one.

Palestinian PM Blasts Arab Donors, Interview

The Palestinian self-rule government is close to being “completely incapacitated,” largely because Arab countries haven’t delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in promised aid, the Palestinian prime minister said in an interview Sunday. If allowed to continue, the Palestinian Authority’s unprecedented financial crisis will quickly double the number of Palestinian poor to 50 percent

Tourism plummets due to Lebanon position on Syria, report

As civil war rages in neighbouring Syria and with tourism from the Gulf non-existent, hardened Lebanese merchants are surviving on a mixed bag of individual initiative, well-off Syrian tourists and help from expats. Sitting in her lifestyle boutique, with evening gowns displayed opposite a fully stocked bar, Sophie Salame says the Lebanese “always have a […]

UK’s Hague sees urgent need to restart ME peace process

The Middle East peace process must be revived urgently given developments in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, with the United States playing a key role in doing so, Britain said Monday. “There is an urgent need … to restart the Middle East peace process,” British Foreign Secretary

Major events that shaped Lebanon’s modern history

Over the centuries, the region of modern-day Lebanon has been the territory of the Phoenicians, the Assyrians, Persians, the Roman Empire, Arabs, Egyptians, the Ottoman Empire and France, before Lebanon finally gained independence in 1943.

Qatar emir calls on Arabs to intervene in Syria:UN

The emir of Qatar called on Arab nations Tuesday to form a political and military coalition to intervene in Syria to stop the bloodshed there, posing a direct challenge to U.N. efforts to resolve the conflict through negotiations. “We have used all available means to get Syria out of the cycle of killing, but that […]