LEBANON-SYRIA: The refugee minefield

Progress in terms of providing more and better aid to the steady influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is being held back by government indecision stemming from fears that the ongoing violence in Syria may destabilize the country’s fragile

Damascus Car Bomb Kills Four, report

A car bomb exploded in southeast Damascus on Monday, killing four people, including a child, Syrian opposition groups claimed. The Local Coordination Committees activist network said in a written statement that the explosion had caused a “large amount of damage and destruction

International or US intervention in Syria appears unlikely

A sharp escalation in fighting and civilian deaths in Syria, pleas for help from rebel fighters and a tide of war-zone refugees are focusing American attention on a high-stakes Mideast conflict nine weeks before the U.S. presidential election.

Chairmanship of Arab League divides the Lebanese

Lebanon is set to chair the Arab League Ministerial Council starting September 5 for a six-month period but the top Lebanese officials are divided over assuming such a role, because of the Syrian uprising according to local sources. Lebanon has been dissociating itself from the uprising in Syria which started as peaceful demonstrations against

Egypt’s president: Time for Assad regime to disappear

Egypt’s new Islamist president, preparing to make his debut on the stage of world diplomacy with an initiative over the Syrian crisis, called on Monday for President Bashar al-Assad’s allies to help lever the Syrian leader out of power. “Now is the time to stop this bloodshed and for the Syrian people to regain their […]

Syrian man threatens to blow up the Arab League

Egyptian authorities arrested late on Monday a Syrian man who threatened to blow up the Arab League’s headquarters in Cairo after he learned that his parents had been killed in Syria during a battle between the rebels and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, Egyptian news agency MENA reported.

Egyptian leader reaches out to Iran in his Syria peace plan

Staking out a new leadership role for Egypt in the shaken landscape of the Arab uprisings, President Mohamed Morsi is reaching out to Iran and other regional powers in an initiative to halt the escalating violence in Syria. The initiative, centered on a committee of four that also includes Turkey and Saudi Arabia,

Arab FMs postpone Syria meeting as army shells Aleppo

Arab foreign ministers postponed a planned meeting on the Syrian conflict that had been due to take place in Saudi Arabia later on Sunday, a top Arab League official said. Ministers had been due to meet in in the Red Sea city of Jeddah to mull their next moves on the Syrian conflict after the […]

UN chief: “There will be no winner in Syria “

The possibility of a drawn out civil war in Syria looms, as fighting continues across the country. Assad’s army has ceded ground elsewhere in order to focus its resources on fighting in Aleppo. In the meantime, the U.N. may name a new envoy to replace Kofi Annan next week.