And the most corrupt nation this year is…

Corruption is a major threat across the globe, impacting citizen’s perceptions of their leaders and trust for their government, regardless of the level of development or economic ranking. Corruption can also play a role in political unrest, as seen around the world from the Middle East to China to Greece.

Millions of Saudi’s below poverty line, report

A few miles from the blinged-out shopping malls of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Souad al-Shamir lives in a concrete house in a trash-strewn alley, with no job, no money, five children younger than 14 and an unemployed husband who is laid up with chronic heart problems. “We are at the bottom,” she said,

Bassil: Safadi signed off on down payment for power ships

Energy Minister said that Finance minister Mohammad Safadi has signed the letter of credit for the down payment for the power-generating ships, LBC reported on Monday. This comes after Prime Minister Najib Mikati told As-Safir in remarks published last Wednesday that the power-generating ships

Chavez wins third re-election in tightest race yet

President Hugo Chavez won re-election and a new endorsement of his socialist project Sunday, surviving his closest race yet after a bitter campaign in which the opposition accused him of unfairly using Venezuela’s oil wealth and his near total control of state institutions to his advantage.

Jordanians in “Save the Homeland” rally demand reform

Thousands of demonstrators seeking democratic reforms and more economic opportunities marched through the Jordanian capital Friday in the largest rally here since the “Arab Spring” protests began sweeping the region. The protesters led by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood called on King Abdullah II, a key U.S. ally, to accelerate reforms.

Electric power blackouts to continue in Lebanon

It appears that Electric power blackouts to continue for a long while in Lebanon according to a report by As-Safir newspaper. Prime Minister Najib Mikati told As-Safir in remarks published on Wednesday that the power-generating ships that the cabinet agreed to rent had yet to head to Lebanon pending the 22 percent down payment of […]