Electric power blackouts to continue in Lebanon


It appears that Electric power blackouts to continue for a long while in Lebanon according to a report by As-Safir newspaper.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati told As-Safir in remarks published on Wednesday that the power-generating ships that the cabinet agreed to rent had yet to head to Lebanon pending the 22 percent down payment of their rental fee.

“ The cabinet is currently discussing means to provide the necessary financial coverage to implement the deal with the Turkish company,” Mikati said.

According to analysts Lebanon is witnessing the worst blackouts ever . In Mount Lebanon areas which are classified as tourist resorts there are days where power is on for 3 to 4 hours a day and where blackouts can last as long as 12 hours in one stretch.

According to analysts the power generating should have been operational as of last July but disputes over the amounts of kickbacks / commissions ( for Energy minister Gebran Bassil and Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi ) are reportedly behind the delay in the arrival of the ships.

Bassil is a member of the Change and reform block which is headed by MP Michel Aoun, a close ally of Hezbollah. Safadi is a close ally of Mikati.

The current cabinet is dominated by Hezbollah.