Patriarch calls for new leadership in Lebanon


Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai called for new leadership in Lebanon that will work for the sake of the public good, stressing that the Lebanese people should start evaluating their representatives with a free conscience.

“The fate of the country must no longer be in the hands of those who are not concerned with its fate,” he stressed in his Sunday sermon in the north Lebanon town of Diman, the patriarch’s summer residence

“Lebanon needs new leaders who can resist injustice, corruption and waste of public funds,” Rai said

Rai also stressed that Lebanon needs to keep pace with modernism and globalization and this will require an overhaul of the current leadership and structure.

Rai added, to accomplish these goals, the country needs leaders that are able to handle economic, social and political affairs “in a spirit of impartiality and work for the sake of the public good.”

His comments come after the Maronite bishops warned last Wednesday of economic collapse in Lebanon because of the state’s failure in meeting the needs of the private and public institutions.

The bishops blamed the current situation on poor economic policies, lack of a clear, unified vision, putting personal and sectarian interests before national interests, lack of respect for the rules of democracy, increase in corruption, and poor decision-making capability due to the deep political divisions.

The bishops stressed that the time has come to look for radical solutions for the economic crisis