14 students injured in Beirut over civil war history book

Clashes broke out on Saturday between security forces and students affiliated with the Kataeb party and the National Liberal Party (NLP) who were staging a demonstration against a curriculum proposal for a Lebanese history book in Downtown Beirut near the Grand Serail. Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel on Saturday held the Lebanese cabinet responsible for […]

Syria talks reform while executing deadly crackdown

Syria’s government has endorsed a draft law that it says will allow the formation of political parties alongside President Bashar Assad’s ruling Baath Party, part of a series of promised reforms that the opposition has dismissed as largely symbolic. He has coupled his pledges of reform with a deadly crackdown on protesters that activists say […]

Protests on the rise in Damascus followed by mass arrests

Syrian armed forces have arrested several people after demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime were held across Damascus, rights activists said on Monday. On Saturday, the military arrested at least 26 people in the Damascus neighborhood of Jawbar, many of whom were returning to their homes, said the Observatory.

Jumblatt: Syrian regime must be punished for violence against protesters

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt said on Sunday that “Syria is a wounded country and will only be healed when the people responsible for the crimes against the Syrian people are punished.” He demanded that all political prisoners be released and that hostilities against protestors be halted.