Lebanese soldier killed while dismantling bomb near Syria

A Lebanese soldier was killed while dismantling an explosive device outside the town of Arsal on the border with Syria on Wednesday, security sources said. The death comes a day after gunmen who crossed from Syria into the nearby mountainous border town of Ras Baalbek killed six Lebanese soldiers when they ambushed a patrol near […]

Islamic State crisis: UK gives £20m to Lebanon to keep it safe

The Lebanese army’s Brig Gen Ali Mourad got a WhatsApp message from the Islamic State (IS). It was short and to the point. “We are the heroes of Qalamoun,” it said, referring to the mountains on Syria’s border with Lebanon, “and we’re going to kill you.” Gen Mourad has a robust attitude to this threat. […]

Khoury: Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all

Minister Nazem Khoury who represents president Suleiman in the cabinet told Voice of Lebanon on Saturday that “Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all of us in Lebanon including the president “. He added: President Suleiman made his comments on this basis and that is “it is necessary to adopt a clear defense […]

Lebanon army reports incursion by Free Syrian Army

Syrian rebels attacked a Lebanese army position overnight, the army said on Saturday, underscoring fears that fighting in the Syrian civil war will spill into other countries and stoke a wider conflict. This comes amid fighting between government forces and rebels near the Syrian-Lebanese border and unrest near Turkish, Jordanian and Iraqi territories.

Analysis: Keeping the Lid on Lebanon

The news that the European Union is again debating whether to put Hezbollah, Lebanon’s dominant political and military force, on its terrorist list is deeply worrying. The move, which reflects growing international pressure on Hezbollah following a recent intensification of U.S. sanctions — risks disturbing the fragile country’s uneasy peace.

Lebanese army frees four Syrian hostages

Lebanese security forces freed four Syrian hostages on Tuesday in a raid on a powerful Shi’ite Muslim clan, which kidnapped more than 20 people last month. The four told a Lebanese television station they had been tortured when they were held by the armed wing of the Meqdad clan and were forced to confess they […]