Khoury: Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all


Minister Nazem Khoury who represents president Suleiman in the cabinet told Voice of Lebanon on Saturday that “Hezbollah’s Ayoub drone was a big surprise to all of us in Lebanon including the president “. He added: President Suleiman made his comments on this basis and that is “it is necessary to adopt a clear defense strategy that would spare us from the futile discussions whenever Hezbollah does something controversial.”

Under Suleiman’s proposal, Hezbollah would be allowed to keep its weapons, but the decision to use them will be only by the Lebanese government and under the command of the Lebanese army.

Commenting on the cabinet he said: “PM Najib Mikati did not submit the resignation of the cabinet to the president” . He added “President Suleiman is preparing the political ambiance for forming a new cabinet and his primary concern is stability in Lebanon, in the event the cabinet resigns before a new one is formed . He added ” in the event of a vacuum the institutions will not be able to make any decisions and the president does not have the full authority to fill the vacuum.

Photo: An image taken by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) which shows what they say is a small unidentified aircraft shot down in a mid-air interception after it crossed into southern Israel October 6, 2012. Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah later revealed that the drone is Iranian made but assembled in Lebanon