The ME Boundaries are Inviolable.

by Ghassan Karam Exactly 100 years ago Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo on June 28 , 1914. His assassination set off a series of actions and counter reactions that ended up in one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, World War I. This tragedy is relevant to us in more than […]

Hezbollah Is NOT "Resistance".

by Ghassan Karam Every once in a while there is an attempt to confute what is otherwise clear. That usually occurs when an entity is not well served if the clear and unobstructed understanding of an idea or concept is to prevail. This is when it becomes essential to manipulate the truth and spin the […]

Lebanese New Cabinet: Born Dysfunctional

By : Ghassan Karam, A very popular saying by Einstein is specially made to describe the new Lebanese cabinet. He has reportedly said that “only irrational people will undertake the same experiment over and over again and yet expect different results”.

Tamam Salam Must Submit A Cabinet Proposal or Resign.

by Ghassan Karam The current Mikati care taker cabinet of Lebanon submitted its official resignation on March 22, 2013. Within less than a fortnight  Mr. Tamam Salam became the new Prime Minister designate ; just over six months ago.  Not much, if anything has happened since except for the obligatory daily references that Mr. Salam […]