Putin can’t afford a new Cold War , analysis

by Geoffrey Smith One of the axioms of global geopolitics is that a country can project power only as far as its economic might allows. There is good reason why the United States, by far the world’s largest economy, has been the dominant force in all things political and military for the past 60 years. […]

Worlds largest airline: American, US Airways merge

American Airlines, a storied but struggling carrier that sought bankruptcy protection 15 months ago, has agreed to merge with US Airways, creating what will be the largest carrier in the world. After weeks of discussion and speculation, the boards for the two carriers voted on Wednesday to combine

Salameh assures the Lebanese ” No recession in 2013″

Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh assured the financial community on Monday that the Central Bank of Lebanon will maintain monetary stability in 2013, stressing that the country had only witnessed a slow down not a recession in 2012. “The economy is bracing for a slowdown in 2013 but we will not enter recession,” Salameh assured […]

Syria Conflict Prompts Lebanon Central Bank Action

Lebanon’s central bank is preparing a stimulus package to revive growth in an economy hit by armed conflict in neighboring Syria, the country’s central bank governor said. Riad Salameh said in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires that the Bank of Lebanon is putting the finishing touches to a

Salameh rang the opening bell at London Stock Exchange

Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh opened on Monday the trading session when he rang the opening bell at The London Stock Exchange, National News Agency ( NNA ) reported. Salameh headed a delegation to promote investments in Lebanon under the slogan “Lebanese capital markets day” which is being held for the first time

Salameh says growth in economy will be negative in 2013

The “An-Nahar” daily was able to obtain a copy of the presentation that Lebanon’s Central Bank bank governor Riad Salameh made to the cabinet last week in which he warned of the consequences of the increases in salaries and ranks and stressed that the growth of the economy will be negative in 2013 and that […]

Iran may not be able to print enough Rials

Western economic sanctions imposed on Iran over its disputed nuclear program have severely depressed the value of its national currency, the rial, causing higher inflation and forcing Iranians to carry ever-fatter wads of banknotes to buy everyday items. But the sanctions also have presented a new complication to Iran’s banking authorities: they may not be […]