Freedom clashes raise Syrian death toll to 75, report

Thousands of Syrians shouting “We want freedom!” took to streets round the country yesterday, defying security forces who tried to clear them with gunfire, tear gas, and baton charges. At least three people were killed, bringing the toll from two weeks of protests to at least 75.

Turkish PM watching Syrian unrest with concern, report

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has expressed concern over unrest in neighboring Syria, saying he plans to have further talks with President Bashar al-Assad after he dismissed protests against his 11-year rule as the result of a “foreign plot.”

Mourners burn Baath Party headquarters in south Syria

Thousands of mourners in the village of Tafas, just north of the southern Syrian town of Daraa, burned the local Baath Party headquarters and a police station on Saturday during the funeral of a protester killed a day earlier, residents said.

Protests in Syria: Road to Damascus

AS RECENTLY as Thursday, few were willing to predict whether calls for protests in solidarity with the people of Deraa would spread across the rest of Syria. Security forces have killed at least 37 people in Deraa, a city at the heart of a farming region in the south, about an hour’s drive from the […]