Calls for new popular uprisings throughout Syria


A Facebook group that has been calling for recent protests in Syria posted calls for new “popular uprisings” in all cities in the country Saturday, a day after Syrian troops reportedly opened fire at peaceful protesters at deadly demonstrations.

“Today Saturday … popular uprisings in all Syrian governorates,” read a posting on the 86,000-fan-strong Syria Revolution 2011 page on the popular social networking site.

The call immediately drew many “likes” and more than 750 comments.

The group has been posting graphic video footage that claims to show brutality and horror at recent protests in Syria and updates on demonstrations and unrest.

The group says its main goal is “freedom in Syria” and demands the end of the state of emergency, eradication of poverty and unemployment, and changes in the constitution that would transition Syria into a “pluralistic democratic country.”

Media reports quoting an unnamed Syrian official said at least 13 people were killed Friday in clashes between security forces and demonstrators. Activists put the toll at 25. LAT