U.S. Pledges $60 Million to Syrian Opposition

The United States, stepping up its support for the Syrian opposition, announced on Thursday an additional $60 million in assistance to help the opposition provide basic services in areas it controls. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would also provide food rations and medical supplies to the Free Syrian Army

New Syria in the making, report

Less than one month after its formation, and at an emergency meeting in Cairo on Monday, the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces — the latest and broadest front of political opposition groups — said it will choose a prime minister to lead the transitional government that will oversee relief aid and foreign […]

World powers urge Syria opposition to unite

Western nations and allies in the Middle East meet Friday to urge Syria’s fractured opposition to unite, seeking a new path for ending the country’s conflict amid deadlock between major powers on the U.N. Security Council. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hosting talks among the Friends of Syria — a coalition which includes the […]

Qatar emir calls on Arabs to intervene in Syria:UN

The emir of Qatar called on Arab nations Tuesday to form a political and military coalition to intervene in Syria to stop the bloodshed there, posing a direct challenge to U.N. efforts to resolve the conflict through negotiations. “We have used all available means to get Syria out of the cycle of killing, but that […]

Syrian ambassadors expelled from UK, France,US,..

Britain, France, the United States and three other European countries are expelling the ambassadors of Syria in protest at the massacre of more than 100 people, including scores of children, in Houla near Hama last weekend.