Hariri: Resistance is no longer Hezbollah’s main purpose

Former Lebanese Prime Minister and current Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri launched a vehement attack against the Hezbollah militant group for its alleged interference in the Syrian crisis. “Where is this policy of dissociation that prevents the use of the Lebanese territories for interference in Syria, or is Hezbollah exempted from abiding by it,”

FSA official: We will treat Hezbollah as merceneries

Deputy commander of the Free Syrian Army Colonel Malik al Kurdi told An Nahar Newspaper  that what happened on the Lebanese-Syrian border, “confirms  what  we  have been saying all along  and that  is Hezbollah and Iran are deeply  involved in the suppression of the Syrian people

Damascus on Edge as War Seeps into Syrian Capital

Unkempt government soldiers, some appearing drunk, have been deployed near a rebel-held railway station in the southern reaches of this tense capital. Office workers on 29th of May Street, in the heart of the city, tell of huddling at their desks, trapped inside for hours by gun battles that sound alarmingly close.

Sharp division within US administration over Syria policy

The Pentagon’s top leaders said Thursday that they favored supplying weapons to rebels locked in a grinding civil war with the Syrian government, a position that put them directly at odds with the White House. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Syria Now Fully a War Economy, report

As the conflict in Syria continues, with the United Nations reporting a dramatic increase in the numbers of refugees fleeing the country, Syria’s economy, too, is a victim of the violence. And its chances of recovery are looking slim. “Syria is now fully a war economy that displays all the features of a country in […]

Syrian rebels clashed with Assad forces

BEIRUT, Lebanon- Syrian rebels clashed with forces loyal toPresident Bashar al-Assad in southwest Damascus on Sunday, forcing the closure of the main highway to the southern town of Deraa, activists said. The fighting came as United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos visited Syria ahead of a U.N. aid conference which aims to raise $1.5 billion […]