France Seeks Arab Backing for war against Islamists in Mali

French warplanes were reported 0n Tuesday to have carried out airstrikes overnight against Islamist fighters who overran a strategic village and military post in central Mali on Monday, offering an indication that the war against extremists who have carved out a jihadist state in the nation’s north could be a long and difficult one.

Jumblatt denounces demolition of Maalouf’s house

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt denounced the demolition of the house of a prominent Lebanese novelist Amin Maalouf in the Badaro neighborhood of Beirut. “This act indicates complete disregard toward heritage and the undermining of the remnants of the architectural and social memory of [Beirut],”

Israel claims U.S. behind Europe move to condemn the settlements

The United States was behind Europe’s condemnation of Israel for approving thousands of housing units in Jerusalem and the West Bank, an Israeli official said. “The European move is essentially an American move. The Brits asked the Americans how to act,” an unnamed Israeli official with close ties to the U.S. administration told

Palestine’s yes vote: Is Israel losing grip in Europe?

It was hard to read the delegates’ expressions as they squinted at the board in the United Nations, searching for confirmation of who had and hadn’t voted for Palestine. As the camera zoomed into the results, the red figures revealed 138 countries were in favour, nine against