Fears over Egyptian currency lead to dollar rush

As Egypt prepared to release official results of the divisive constitutional referendum on Tuesday, the country edged deeper into economic crisis with some worried residents hoarding dollars for fear that the local currency could weaken significantly. The anxiety over the economy was visible at currency exchanges in the upscale Cairo neighborhood of Zamalek, which ran […]

Fears of further violence in Egypt after fraud claims

Egypt’s opposition claimed widespread fraud after a referendum gave approval to an Islamist-backed constitution. The constitution, which has provoked large scale demonstrations and riots, got the backing of 64 per cent of voters it was claimed today by the Muslim Brotherhood, the main group backing the charter.

Egypt’s constitution approved in vote

A constitution drafted by an Islamist-dominated committee was approved by a majority of Egyptians in a referendum, rival camps said on Sunday, after a vote the opposition said drove a wedge through the Arab world’s most populous nation. The Muslim Brotherhood, which propelled President Mohamed Mursi to power in a June election, said 64 percent […]

Egypt extends voting on Islamist-drafted constitution

Egypt extended voting by four hours on Saturday in the second and decisive round of a referendum that was expected to approve the country’s new Islamist-drafted constitution after weeks of protests and violence. Islamist supporters of President Mohamed Mursi, who was elected in June, say the charter is vital

Egypt: Mursi’s concession fails to quell anger

Egypt’s president scrapped a decree that gave him extra powers and ignited violent protests, but irate opponents said on Sunday he had deepened the conflict by pressing on with a vote on a constitution shaped by Islamists. President Mohamed Mursi and his Islamist partisans have insisted the referendum should go ahead on Dec. 15 to […]

Egypt’s Morsi revokes power grab

A national dialogue committee said a referendum on a disputed draft constitution will be held on schedule, but President Mohammed Morsi has agreed to rescind the near-absolute power he had granted himself. The statement came after a meeting that was boycotted by the main opposition leaders who are calling for the Dec. 15 vote to […]

Egypt Increases Security Ahead of Opposition March

Egyptian riot police beefed up security around the presidential palace Tuesday ahead of a massive rally planned by activists protesting the Islamist leader’s assumption of nearly unrestricted powers and a draft constitution hurriedly adopted by his allies. The march comes amid rising anger over the draft charter and decrees issued by Mohammed Morsi giving himself […]

Egypt protests over draft constitution

Tens of thousands of protesters staged a mass demonstration in Cairo after a draft constitution was agreed by an Islamist-led assembly. Campaigners say the charter undermines the rights of women and religious minorities, as well as freedom of speech, while opponents of President Mohamed Morsi say it was rushed through to force an early referendum.

Egypt Constitution Sparks Mass Protest

More than 100,000 protesters took the streets in Egypt vowing to stop a draft constitution that Islamist allies of President Mohammed Morsi approved early Friday in a rushed, all-night session without the participation of liberals and Christians. Anger at Mr. Morsi even spilled over into a mosque