Soueid brands Suleiman’s defense strategy ‘unconstitutional’


March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soueid attacked during an interview with An-Nahar newspaper the defense strategy proposed by President Michel Suleiman during the last national dialogue session calling it ” unconstitutional”.

“When it comes to the national defense strategy, the only reference should be the constitution and the Taif Accord; however, the preliminary discussions on the strategy proposed by Suleiman completely contradict the constitution because it acknowledges an institution that does not exist in the constitution, which is the resistance,” Soueid said

Soueid also said that liberating the Shebaa farms must start with demarcating the border with Syria and the latter’s acknowledgement that the lands are Lebanese.

Suleiman’s strategy calls for committing to the 1949 Armistice Agreement with Israel, taking all necessary measures to liberate all the occupied Lebanese lands and compel Israel to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701. It is also based on reinforcing Lebanon’s international role and strengthening its ties with countries in the region and beyond.

Suleiman’s proposal on the defense strategy also states that until the army’s capabilities are reinforced, a consensus must be reached on the appropriate frameworks and mechanisms to use Hezbollah’s arsenal and putting it at the army’s disposal.

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