Iran’s foreign minister has met embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and called for a solution to the ongoing civil war, as a rights group accused Damascus of waging “relentless, indiscriminate” attacks against its own people. Speaking in Damascus on Wednesday, Ali Akbar Salehi said the solution to the 18-month conflict lies “only in Syria and […]

Assad revives father's extreme torture methods in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has taken out the torture toolkit his father once employed as he engages in the most widespread and appalling abuses his country has suffered in decades in an effort to put down a year-old rebellion. “In terms of the number of people being tortured, and the level of torture and the […]

Amnesty International accuses Syrian regime of routine torture

Amnesty International said Wednesday that Syrian security forces routinely torture people detained during the uprising. In a report, the London-based group said detainees are beaten with sticks, cords and rifle butts and sometimes suspended inside tires for further beatings. Others are sexually assaulted or killed.

Syria jails a 79 year old activist for 3 years

A Syrian military court today sentenced a 79-year-old lawyer and human rights activist, who campaigned for decades for an end to emergency law, to three years in prison on charges of “weakening national morale”, defence lawyers said. “This is tragic. Haitham Maleh is an old and ill man,” one lawyer said, while another feared that […]

Amnesty tells Israel to stop ‘harassing’ Palestinian activist

Amnesty International called on Israeli authorities on Wednesday to end what it called “harassment” of an Arab human rights activist held on suspicion of spying for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Amnesty said Ameer Makhoul, an Arab citizen of Israel, has been denied legal advice while in custody. The Israeli Prisons Authority referred an AFP query […]