Egypt Court Allows Mubarak Loyalist to Remain in Election

Egypt’s highest court ruled on Thursday to allow a former regime loyalist to run in presidential elections starting Saturday and to dissolve both houses of Egypt’s parliament, in verdicts that could add another pressure point to Egypt’s already fraught transition from military rule to democracy.

Egyptian fundamentalists back Muslim Brotherhood candidate

A panel of fundamentalist Islamic clerics on Wednesday endorsed the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood for president of Egypt, an attempt to prevent a split of the conservative Muslim voters. In another twist, Egypt’s election commission late Wednesday reinstated a candidate,

Egypt bars last Mubarak era presidential candidate

Egypt’s election commission on Tuesday disqualified an ex-premier from running for president because of a law that bans senior officials from the deposed Hosni Mubarak regime from running for office. The disqualification is the latest twist in an already turbulent process aimed at replacing Mubarak

Egypt’s military ruler lifts partially emergency laws

Egypt’s military ruler on Tuesday decreed a partial lifting of the nation’s hated emergency laws, while saying the draconian measures would still apply to crimes committed by “thugs.” Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi said in a televised address to the nation that the emergency laws would be lifted effective Wednesday

Egypt’s ElBaradei pulls out of presidential race

Egypt’s reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei said Saturday he is pulling out of the country’s presidential race to protest the military’s failure to put the country on the path to democracy. The 69-year-old Nobel laureate, who has been seen as a driving force behind the movement that forced former President Hosni Mubarak to step down, said […]