Mubarak to return to court on Monday


The second session of the trial of Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is due to begin on Monday. The hearing will take place at Egypt’s Police academy. Our correspondent Adel EL- Mah-rouky in Cairo has this update.

On the third of August, the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak began. Mubarak is accused premeditated murder of civilian protestors since January, Abuse of power and exporting natural gas to Israel in favor of his friend Hussein Salem who profited millions of dollars from that deal.

Exceeding most expectations, Egypt’s Former ruler showed up in the courtroom lying on bed. It was his first appearance on television after stepping down from power. When the judge faced Mubarak with the charges…

Mubarak said,“I didn’t commit any of these crimes”

“I didn’t not commit any of these crimes” was the common reply for Mubarak his two sons, former interior minister Habib Al Adly and six of his associates.

The trial was not organized properly. Outside the police academy, Mubarak supporters and Martyrs’ families were put together in one area which led to clashes between the two sides.

On the other hand the Civil rights lawyers organized a meeting on Saturday preparing for the trials this weeks.

Sayed Fathy, a civil rights lawyer said, “The importance of this meeting is to make the civil rights lawyers look more organized, after they seemed chaotic and to determine the our demands”

However on this Sunday’s trial where former interior ministry leaders were tried, The civil rights lawyers failed to be organized as they planned. The judge had to adjourn the trial for a break several times to bring order to the court. The lawyers asked to include all minutes of communication that occured in the interior ministry and in the Presidential residence as evidence in the trial.

Adel el Mahrouky in Cairo said, “More than 1600 witnesses are called to testify in Mubarak’s trail, more than 200 civil rights lawyers will be present in court. Once again people in the streets are doubting that Former President Hosni Mubarak will show up in court. Adel EL Mahrouky, CCTV Cairo.”