Wave of kidnappings continues in Lebanon , update

Despite the enhanced security measures to fight the abductions, the wave of kidnappings continues in Lebanon. Four masked gunmen kidnapped the 55 year old Lebanese citizen Bassel Mahmoud Al Mays on Saturday evening. The abductors also stole the Nissan Pathfinder ( plate number: 150758/Z) car Mays and his wife were riding.

15 al-Mekdad clan members transferred to Roumieh prison

15 arrested members from al-Mekdad clan including Maher and Hassan Mekdad were transferred on Saturday to Roumieh prison, according to LBC They were all arrested after they were accused of setting up armed organizations to carry out terrorist attacks, kidnapping, intimidating people by force of arms as well as threatening military personnel and for possession […]

Abducted Lebanese freed by the army , updates

The Lebanese army was able to free abducted Lebanese citizen Fouad Daoud following clashes with the kidnappers in tel Al Anyadh area of Bekaa , near the eastern borders with Syria Daoud, 45, was kidnapped last week in the Bekaa city of Zahle. The kidnappers demanded $250,000 in ransom, even though Daoud is thought to […]