Kidnapped Turkish national links Mikdad’s release to his own


The Turkish businessman that was kidnapped in Lebanon by the military wing of the al Mikdad tribe urged his country’s government to “double its efforts and exert more pressure” to release him.

“I cannot stay here any longer, because I am tired and in a tragic situation trying to know what is going on,” Tufan Tekin told An-Nahar newspaper in remarks published on Sunday.

Tekin also addressed his family and called on them to take care until he returns home.

“I love you, take care, and I hope we will meet very soon in Turkey,” Tekin said.

Tekin was abducted Last month by the “military wing” of the al Mikdad tribe along with more than 20 Free Syrian Army ( FSA) members.

His abduction was reportedly in retaliation for the abduction of Hassan al-Mikdad in Syria. Mikdad’s kidnappers identified the abductee as a Hezbollah member, but the Shiite militant group denied any link to him.

Tekin’s appeal through An Nahar came after another interview aired by the pro-Syrian al-Mayadeen television station in which he linked the release of Hassan al-Mikdad to his own.