Kidnapped Turkish national links Mikdad’s release to his own

The Turkish businessman that was kidnapped in Lebanon by the military wing of the al Mikdad tribe urged his country’s government to “double its efforts and exert more pressure” to release him. “I cannot stay here any longer, because I am tired and in a tragic situation trying to know what is going on,

In Lebanon, kidnapping by clans raise alarm

The logic of the Lebanese Meqdad clan was simple: One of the group’s fellow clansmen had been captured in Syria, and they were going to kidnap as many people as it took to barter for his freedom. The detained clansman, Hassan Meqdad, was bloodied and bruised when he appeared in a video released by Syrian […]

Gemayel: Lebanon is a hostage in the hands of Hezbollah

Phalange party MP Sami Gemayel said on Monday that the Lebanese state had become a hostage in the hands of Hezbollah and that the country is heading toward an inevitable civil war if the state fails to intervene and prevent people from violating the law.

Kidnappings expose Lebanon weakness

The reprisal kidnappings of over 20 Syrians and a Turkish national in Lebanon by one of the country’s biggest clans have demonstrated the weakness of Lebanon’s government in the face of escalating tensions. The Meqdads, a clan claiming to consist of over 10,000 eligible voters, took matters into their own hands a few days ago […]

Turkey urges its citizens to avoid travel to Lebanon

Turkey is advising its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to Lebanon following the kidnapping of two Turkish nationals there. The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Friday also urged Turks already in Lebanon to take “all kinds of precautions” for their safety.

Wave of abductions in Lebanon continues

The wave of abductions in Lebanon continues as unknown assailants kidnapped a Turkish national in the town of Choueifat just south of the capital Beirut on Thursday night and took him to an unknown destination, National News Agency reported. The report identified the abductee as Abd Basset Orssolane, who was driving a Mercedes truck.

Gulf states urge their citizens to leave Lebanon

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have told their citizens to leave Lebanon after Shiite gunmen kidnapped more than 20 people. It comes amid signs that violence in Syria is spilling across the border. Lebanon’s National News Agency reported on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia told its citizens to leave after “clear threats

Lebanon drawn into Syrian crisis with tit-for-tat kidnappings

Enraged Lebanese clansmen attempting to win the release of a relative they say is being held by rebels in Syria kidnapped as many as 40 Syrians with alleged ties to the rebel Free Syrian Army on Wednesday. It is one of the clearest signs yet that the conflict in Syria is spilling over its borders