A Kuwaiti citizen was kidnapped in Bekaa valley


A Kuwaiti citizen who was identified as Issam al-Houti, 52 was kidnapped by gunmen in the area of Hawsh al-Ghanam in the eastern Bekaa valley, National News Agency reported on Saturday.

Houti, was reportedly driving his red Kia, which carries the Qatari license plate 20/27880, from Talya when the gunmen driving a pistachio-colored Mercedes 300 car followed him and opened fire near his feet as soon as he arrived to his rented house in Hawsh al-Ghanam.

The gunmen then kidnapped the men and sped away towards Baalbek.

NNA identified Houti’s wife as Fawziyeh Arafat from the town of Talya.

Last week Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Beirut and the United Arab Emirates Foreign Ministry undersecretary said their countries’ nationals should leave Lebanon immediately, as did Qatar and Bahrain. Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry issued a similar warning “in anticipation of a spillover from the Syrian crisis,” the state news agency KUNA reported.