ET 409: Report blames pilot error for Ethiopia Airlines crash

The crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane off the coast of Lebanon two years ago which killed all 90 people on board was caused by pilot error, according to a Lebanese report on Tuesday which was challenged by the airline. The Boeing 737-800 plane, bound for Addis Ababa, crashed minutes after taking off from Beirut […]

ET409: Pilot error, inexperience blamed for the crash

The preliminary report on the crash of Ethiopian airliner flight ET409 in Lebanon in which all 90 people on board died earlier this year, indicates that both the pilot’s and co-pilot’s inexperience with the jet was “certainly behind the accident”, according to local reports. The pilot had one month of experience with the Boeing 737-800 […]

ET409: Boeing sued over Ethiopian Airlines crash

A multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed in a in a US court by relatives of passengers killed in an Ethiopian Airlines crash in Lebanon earlier this year. They have charged that US plane-maker Boeing was responsible for severe mechanical failure which they have alleged was probably behind the tragedy. The lawsuit, filed in Chicago, […]

Mitri briefed the media on resullts of cabinet meeting

Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the media following the cabinet meeting at the Grand Serail and which was chaired by PM Saad Hariri Administrative appointments : The Cabinet has appointed Judge Aouni Ramadan as Head of the Court of Audit, ex-minister Khaled Qabbani as Head of the Civil Service Board, and Judge Akram Baasiri […]