UNSC split over Syria war crimes

The UN Security Council is split over whether to refer reports of war crimes in Syria to the International Criminal Court, with some members arguing that such a move would encourage President Bashar Assad’s regime to dig in and resist to the end in a conflict that has claimed at least 60,000 lives.

West pessimistic over U.N. Syria peace plan, no “Plan B”

As corpses pile up in Syrian morgues, U.S. and European diplomats are growing increasingly skeptical that a U.N.-backed peace plan has a chance of ending more than a year of violence that has brought Syria to the brink of civil war.

Syrian expats fear infiltration by Assad agents

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia- Amid mixed feelings of worry, anxiety and sadness, members of the Syrian community in the Kingdom are closely following news from home about their relatives who take part in the revolution against President Bashar Assad and those who have deserted the regular army to join the Syria Free Army (SFA).

Syrians questioning whether armed revolt works

BEIRUT – The woman wearing a blood-red dress stood in the middle of a busy intersection outside Syria’s parliament holding up a red banner: “Stop the killing, we want to build a homeland for all Syrians.” Drivers tooted their horns and supporters clapped.