Israeli PM seeks broad coalition to face Iran, Syria threats

Israel’s prime minister says he wants to build a broad governing coalition to face serious security threats to Israel, including Syria’s chemical weapons and Iran’s nuclear program. Benjamin Netanyahu told his outgoing Cabinet Sunday that Israel must be ready for any development in the turbulent region.

Americans see chemical weapon ‘red line’ in Syria, poll

Americans reject an immediate U.S. military intervention in Syria’s raging civil war, but are open to the possibility should President Bashar al-Assad’s struggling regime use or lose control of its massive stockpile of chemical weapons, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Israeli special forces secretly tracking Syria’s WMD stocks

Israeli special forces are operating in Syria as spotters to monitor the stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, local media reported Sunday. The cross-border operation is “part of a secret war” to trail Damascus’ non-conventional armaments and “sabotage their development,” Ynet News website quoted the Sunday Times as saying.

Iran’s Quds force may deploy Syria’s Chemical weapons

Kuwaiti daily Al-Seyassah reported on Thursday that its sources in Iraq say that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s inner circle is engaged in “intensive debate” between those who advocate using chemical weapons as a last resort and those who warn of the dangers of such a step. The debate comes amid

USS Eisenhower at Syria’s coast for possible intervention

The USS Eisenhower, an American aircraft carrier that holds eight fighter bomber squadrons and 8,000 men, arrived at the Syrian coast yesterday in the midst of a heavy storm, indicating US preparation for a potential ground intervention. While the Obama administration has not announced any sort of American-led military intervention in the war-torn country, the […]

U.S., Israel monitoring Syria’s cache of chemical weapons

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton indicated Wednesday that Washington is as concerned about Syria’s chemical weapons falling into the hands of Syrian rebels as it is about the possibility that Syrian President Bashar Assad may decide to deploy them. “Our concerns are that an increasingly desperate Assad regime might turn to chemical weapons, or […]

US warns Syria over use of Chemical weapons

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated a strong warning Monday to the Syrian government not to use its chemical weapons, but she would not comment on reports that there were indications of recent activity at sites believed to house those weapons, nor would she give any hints as to what action the U.S. might […]