Paralyzed world clings to Annan’s failing Syria plan

Kofi Annan hints his peace plan for Syria is going nowhere, but divided world powers have yet to agree on other ideas for halting the carnage or coaxing President Bashar al-Assad into talks on his political demise. Syrian rebels have abandoned any commitment to a ceasefire

China, Russia on same page regards Syria, Beijing says

China said on Tuesday that both Beijing and Moscow oppose foreign intervention or forced regime change in Syria as Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived for a security summit. China and Russia, both permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, have blocked efforts by Western powers to condemn or call for the removal of Syrian President […]

Assad’s Pact With the Devil

The regime of Syrian ruler Bashar Assad has enlisted gangs of murderous thugs known as ‘Shabiha.’ No assignment is too brutal or bloody for these men who are free to kill, plunder and rape. Assad knows that outright victory over the opposition is his only remaining chance to stay in power.