Former president Bush battling ‘stubborn fever’ remains in ICU

Former President George H.W. Bush remains in the intensive care unit of Houston’s Methodist Hospital on Thursday, after battling a bronchitis-like cough and fever for over a month. Doctors say his condition is improving since he suffered a setback on Christmas Day but also say they are having trouble keeping the former president’s fever under […]

Illegal Israeli imports among 5 tons of expired food discovered by Lebanese Army

The Lebanese army announced Friday that it uncovered around five tons of spoiled food in addition to “Israeli”-made products whose source of manufacture was covered up. “The Lebanese Army uncovered tons of weight loss products, large quantities of baby milk that has been imported from abroad, and various Lebanese-made products, such as oils and vinegars,” […]

Syrian brothers arrested in Lebanon for distributing expired meat

Beirut’s First Investigative Judge Ghassan Oweidat issued arrest warrants against the Syrian Al-Natour brothers on charges that they stocked and distributed rotten meat to local markets, the National News Agency reported on Friday. Large amounts of spoiled minced beef, butter, green beans, fish filet, shrimp, frozen garlic, chicken, sujuk sausages and frozen meat have recently […]

New draft law bans smoking in public places in Lebanon

The Lebanese Administration and Justice Commission approved a draft law banning all advertisements that promote tobacco products in Lebanon. The commission also approved banning smoking in public places, especially indoors , adding it also approved placing a label, which covers almost half of any cigarette pack, to warn against smoking. The commission meeting was chaired […]

Breast cancer may be prevented by bitter melon

Extracts of a fruit grown on tropical vines appears to have breast cancer blocking powers, say researchers. Scientists found key ingredients of the green and knobbly bitter melon fruit interfered with chemical pathways involved in cancer growth. It turned off signals telling the breast cancer cells to divide and switched on signals encouraging them to […]

Bullshot: Snorting powder for an “instant energy boost” – Legal in Lebanon

The health ministry on Thursday cautioned that the Bullshot snuff powder is harmful to humans and warned against using the energy product or selling it. Fears rose in Lebanon that the “Bullshot” energy powder would encourage young people to take drugs. Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife accused the importer of Bullshot of selling an unlicensed […]