ISIS Imposes Education Tax on Students

ISIS has announced monthly taxes on students attending schools and colleges in Iraq’s second-largest city, parents and a security official said Wednesday. Iraqi government schools have been state-funded since 1974. But parents in Mosul — which ISIS militants now control — have been told they must pay 25,000 Iraqi dinars (about $21) for every child […]

Opportunities endless for youth, Obama tells Australian students

US President Barack Obama has thanked Australia for being a close friend and ally and has urged both nations to seize future opportunities in the Asia-Pacific. The president on Saturday said despite wars raging across the globe, the world was a much safer place for people living in the most amazing time in history. Asia […]

Lebanon is in the market for 15000 tablets

As the number of tablets continues to grow in education, news has emerged that Lebanon, the country in the Middle East with a population of around four million people, plans to push 15,000 affordable tablets to public school students in the near future. The country’s telecoms minister Nicholas Sehnaoui and education minister Hassan Diab outlined […]

14 students injured in Beirut over civil war history book

Clashes broke out on Saturday between security forces and students affiliated with the Kataeb party and the National Liberal Party (NLP) who were staging a demonstration against a curriculum proposal for a Lebanese history book in Downtown Beirut near the Grand Serail. Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel on Saturday held the Lebanese cabinet responsible for […]