March 14 won NDU, USJ student elections, report


Lebanese Forces’ student affairs head Charbel Eid has reportedly stated on Saturday that the March 14 coalition emerged as the winner in the student elections in the University of Notre Dame (NDU).

March 14 also succeeded in taking all departments in the Saint Joseph University (USJ) elections in the North and Bekaa campuses, according to Eid

March 14 won in three departments out of five in the South Campus of the USJ, Eid said, adding that they won in 10 departments including the four departments in Huvlein, USJ’s school of legal studies located at its Beirut Campus.

According to Eid, Hezbollah and its allies won in seven departments in the Mansourieh campus while the independent candidates won in two departments, there will also be a drawing after a tie between the candidates in three departments.

The LF and its allies won a total of 143 seats in all its departments in the University of Saint Joseph, while Hezbollah and its allies won 81 seats, while the Independent candidates won 41 seats according to Eid . Now Lebanon



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