EU officials accept Nobel Peace Prize at Oslo ceremony

Hailing the European Union as “the most dramatic example in history that shows that war and conflict can be turned into peace and cooperation,” Nobel committee chairman Thorborn Jagland presented the Nobel Peace Prize to top EU officials at a ceremony Monday

UK’s Hague sees urgent need to restart ME peace process

The Middle East peace process must be revived urgently given developments in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, with the United States playing a key role in doing so, Britain said Monday. “There is an urgent need … to restart the Middle East peace process,” British Foreign Secretary

Hariri, Pope Benedict discuss ME peace

Former Lebanese Prime Minister and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri met Wednesday with Pope Benedict XVI at The Vatican for talks on recent developments in the region, including Syria , according to a statement by Hariri’s press office. “Talks tackled the latest developments in the region and the importance of exerting all possible efforts […]

Israel's President Sends Message of Peace to Iran

Israel’s president reached out to the Iranian people with a message of peace Wednesday, as the West tightened sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program, and a former Israeli spymaster said Israel is not in mortal danger. Shimon Peres, an elder statesmen who is a Nobel Peace laureate, appealed to the people of Iran to look beyond […]

Assad has communicated desire for peace negotiations with Israel

Syrian President Bashar Assad is apparently signalling willingness to engage in peace talks with Israel Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Monday. ‘I think we have to examine every option. If it emerges that the Syrian president intends truthfully and is seriously examining this, based on the understanding that peace is mutual, he will find us […]

Hezbollah angry over UNIFIL presence in South Lebanon

Continued border patrols conducted by U.N. peacekeepers in southern Lebanon not only have angered residents but Hezbollah, too. Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad slammed UNIFIL, criticizing the patrol operations as “maneuvers.” Angry residents on Tuesday blocked Adeisseh-Kfar Kila road in southern Lebanon and hurled stones at a U.N. vehicle in Khirbit Selim to protest passing of […]