House Republicans File Lawsuit Against Obama

House Republicans on Friday filed a long-awaited lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of overstepping his executive authority when implementing his signature health care law. And though the suit is centered on the Affordable Care Act, the GOP moved on the legal action the morning after the president announced he will unilaterally grant temporary relief to […]

Susan Rice drops out of secretary of state race

Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration as U.S. secretary of state on Thursday in the face of what promised to be a difficult Senate confirmation battle. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a close confidante of President Barack Obama, said she was withdrawing from the process to avoid a lengthy, costly […]

Hillary Clinton is the America’s choice for 2016: poll

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may insist she’s leaving politics, but a new poll suggests that most Americans hope she changes her mind. A solid majority of those surveyed in an ABC News-Washington Post poll – 57 percent – said they would support a 2016 presidential bid by Clinton. Just 37 percent were opposed […]

Former U.S. Sen. George McGovern Dies

George McGovern was a Great Plains liberal and leading voice against the Vietnam War who in 1972 suffered one of the worst political defeats in American history as the Democratic nominee for president against incumbent Richard Nixon. Mr. McGovern, who died Sunday at age 90, helped engineer a historic turn to the left by the […]

Romney attacked Obama for refusing to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

WHITE House contender Mitt Romney has attacked President Barack Obama for “refusing to recognise Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel – an incendiary position counter to US policy – in a new ad. Featuring clips from Romney’s recent trip to Israel, the commercial also slams Obama for never visiting since taking office.