Washington showing Lebanese Banks who’s boss

Over the past two years, US pressure on Lebanese banks reached unprecedented levels. The main indicator is the increased frequency of visits from US treasury envoys to Lebanon. The latest such visit was paid by Neal Steven Wolin, US deputy secretary of the treasury. Before him came Daniel Glaser, assistant

Banking chief: Events in Syria not good for Lebanon

In this interview Dr. Makram Sader, Secretary General of Association of Banks in Lebanon talks about several issues including economic growth, internal and external risks, sanctions against Syria and Iran, money laundering , tax exchange laws

Moody’s Cuts Assessments On Banks In Jordan, Lebanon, …

Moody’s Investors Service lowered the standalone assessments of 13 banks in Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Ukraine to reflect the degree to which the banks’ businesses depend on the domestic macroeconomic and financial environment, reliance on market-based funding and exposure to domestic sovereign debt.

US banks refuse to allow Syria to open an account

US banks are refusing to let Syria’s UN delegation open a bank account, its ambassador said Thursday blaming sanctions imposed over the conflict in his country. Syria’s UN envoy Bashar Jaafari said the refusal by US banks was a “flagrant violation” of the UN charter. Syria was among a group of countries that lost their […]

Lebanon’s Salameh : We are not worried about a bubble

Lebanese Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh discusses the exposure of the country’s banks to government debt as well as the latest efforts to insulate the lenders from a crisis in neighboring Syria. He spoke in an interview today at his office in Beirut. On economic growth: “The indicators are showing that the real growth could […]