Lebanon committed to building up army


Lebanon said Saturday it was committed to building up its armed forces after complaints by Israel about Western assistance to the military following a deadly border clash between the two countries.

Two Lebanese soldiers, a Lebanese journalist and a senior Israeli officer were killed in a rare cross-border skirmish on Tuesday, the worst such violence since a 2006 war between Israel and Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas.

The clash — in which Lebanon and Israel gave different accounts of what happened — raised fears of wider conflict. Both countries have since worked to calm tension at the border.

Speaking in the southern Lebanese village of Adaisseh where the clash occurred, President Michel Suleiman said the cabinet would meet to ratify a three- or five-year plan to arm the military “so that it can protect the nation’s dignity.”

“The government will put forth a plan to arm the army regardless of the position of some countries,” Suleiman was quoted as saying by the National News Agency. He did not say when the plan would be approved.

Israeli complaints

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he had spoken to France and the United States about the Jewish state’s worries.

“We think it is a mistake to arm the Lebanese army with weapons, with advanced systems,” Barak said in an interview with Israel Radio earlier this week.

“Because these things are liable to be — we used to describe the danger that these things would end up in Hezbollah hands, but before our eyes something more troubling is happening, and they are being used directly by the Lebanese army against us.”

Asked whether Paris or Washington had paid attention to Israel’s complaint, Barak said: “Not really. Not really.

The clash

Hezbollah did not take part in the clash, although its leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said his powerful Shi’ite guerrillas would intervene if Israel attacked the army again.

By Israel’s account of Tuesday’s events, a Lebanese army sniper hit two Israeli officers as they watched a tree-pruning operation on the security fence below the U.N. “Blue Line.” The Lebanese army said it first fired warning shots, then Israelis fired at their soldiers. Israeli artillery and tank fire followed.

US support

The United States has provided more than $720 million in assistance to the Lebanese army since 2006, according to the U.S. embassy website.

In Washington, asked whether the United States was confident the Lebanese army was not being “manipulated by any particular political group,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said:

“We are, as we’ve said many times, we’re in support of the civilian government in Lebanon,” he said according to a transcript of an August 5 daily press briefing.

“And we think improving the capability and performance of the Lebanese government, both across the government, but including in the security sector, contributes to stability in the region and is in our interest.”

Baroud: don’t punish the army

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said that Cabinet is planning to discuss President Michel Suleiman’s proposals over building up the army.

The minister told the daily An Nahar Sunday :

“The army cannot be punished in any way whatsoever for performing its duty of defending the border and the nation,” said Baroud.

Russian / French helicopters

The daily Al Hayat reported Sunday from official Lebanese sources that Lebanon is set to receive a number of Russian military helicopters and that talks are also ongoing with France over providing Lebanon with new helicopters and missiles.



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  1. so israel is worried about the jewish state if the army gets built up. i would worry more about the US Taxpayer finding out that all their hard earned money is going to help an enemy of the US.

    wake up america as i say it and will say it over andover again until at least one reader sees this and tells his friend and the blood of light will spread into the eyes of americans that will eventually cause an uproar that will bring back the america of JFK’s vision that is neutral to all countries.

    i love president suleiman’s vision. 3 to 5 years is ample time to build up a formidable force with the help of turkey iran russia france and syria.

    i can predict that due to AIPAC pressure, russia will promise to deliver and take 5 years like the iranian deal though i hope not and france better deliver cos lebanon has always been a formidable friend to that country soit better not yield to zionist lobbying.

  2. yes call it 35 to 50 years and the jews are not worried of any strong army they do have one and tony bud you keep telling everyone don;t belive all what you read or here on the TV about time you take on your advice man have nice day

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